I feel like there needs to be a concerted push to move all internet infrastructure into the control of the hands of the United Nations — currently the US controls too much.

Organisations such as IANA and ICANN are based in the US, which means they could see pressure to force domain registrars to comply with US laws. This is greatly worrying.

I don't have the political chops to push for this, but I'd happily sign any campaign.

@MistressEmelia may not be the better solution. The UN is even more dysfunctional organization than ICANN. The Internet is already in the process of regionalisation (China and Russia are making their own silos), but I think that the US is a better watchman still than international bodies.


@valeg okay, let me be clear: I'm advocating for a stateless control — which I thought was the UN, but obviously it's not. Like I said, I don't have the political chops.

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