I feel like there needs to be a concerted push to move all internet infrastructure into the control of the hands of the United Nations — currently the US controls too much.

Organisations such as IANA and ICANN are based in the US, which means they could see pressure to force domain registrars to comply with US laws. This is greatly worrying.

I don't have the political chops to push for this, but I'd happily sign any campaign.

@mistressemelia The last time I heard UN plans for internet stuff they were horrible, so no let's not do that. Better to move IANA and ICANN to say Iceland

@tomas apart from the fact that sex work is illegal in iceland.

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@mistressemelia Yeah, and in most of the west. I admit I'm a bit out of the loop, but last I heard Iceland had passed somewhat decent laws around electronic communications. I trust them more than the U.S. when it comes to DNS not being messed with more than necessary

@tomas yeah, if they decriminalised sex work, which at present they actually state they can't enforce the criminalisation of, then they'd be ideal.

@mistressemelia Even if they don't decriminalize, I'm not sure they have FOSTA-style legislation. The pirates have some parliamentary power, so root zone shenanigans is at least less likely. Just don't get a .is domain
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