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Sweaty Tran Selfie 

Routinely people "compliment" me by saying I look or act like a cis woman, and I have never known how to feel about this. I'm not a cis woman, nor do I really want to be. I know they mean well, but I try to be explicitly trans in my presentation and approach to life generally.

Is it possible to read Homer's Odyssey and NOT come to the conclusion that Odysseus absolutely has ADHD by modern standards?

Martini Squirrel 

I own very little pink clothing, but a friend offered me this shirt a while ago and like... How could I say no to a free martini squirrel?

NSFW very lewd trans girl 

I think this is one of the best images of me that has ever existed. It is me licking cum off my hand as part of (which is one of four clips currently on a 50% off sale on my MV until the end of the month!)

Why do I ever talk to dudes on dating apps? 

Matched a dude b/c he looked familiar and I wanted to see if we had run into each other... He was not helpful in trying to figure this out. inevitable, he asks "Can I ask you a personal question?" which... always means a sex thing...

He asks if I'm a vers, and I go through my usual spiel about not being particularly interested in vanilla sex esp. with some random dude and trust and blah blah, but he keeps acting like he's got one hand on his cock -.-

Threesome Awkwardness BookFace 

What is the appropriate amount of time to be facebook friends with someone who's dating your ex's new girlfriend after they added you following a threesome you barely remember?

Asking for myself.

My hair is so soft and it smells good and I'm just gonna hide in it today.

NSFW Tits Lewd 

I feel like my tits are still getting bigger, slowly. <3


I keep paracord on my desk... sometimes this happens.

(End is off-pattern because it's just folded under itself)

I still have no idea what I'm planning to do with this account, but... Hi, I unlocked and such.

Lol omfg, my mother and grandmother tried to rename me this morning X.x

Most lewd stuff goes to:

Think I'm cute? Show me some love!
C@$h@pp: ViceFlower


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