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@TawnyLuv Yes it did. Right on time too. Just still trying to sharpen my skills on screening that's all

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Iam so sick & tired of these fucking timewasters/Bullshiters.

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Hello,This Miss "T" are you ready for something 🍭Good & Sweet🍓💦👅👀
Yes if so Hit me Up @904-508-2358

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@TawnyLuv I. YES Indeed. I had two good ones that came by. Thanks for that"👅🤑😎

For all my fellow sex workers: remember self care is not selfish! May is Mental Health Awareness. In our line of work we are constantly meeting the needs of others but what’s most important is meeting our own needs first.

🌇Kansas City🌇
May 2 - 3

May 3 - 4

May 4 - 6

May 7 - 9

May 11 - 22

May 23 - 26

May 27 - 30

🏡Columbia, SC🏡
June 3 -5

June 7 - 9

June 9 - 11

June 14 - 17

June 17 - 19

June 19 - 29

June 30 - July 2

July 6 - 10

July 12 - 14

July 14 - 16

July 19 - 22

🚤Madison, WI🚤
July 22 - 24

✈️Green Bay, WI✈️
July 24 - 27

If you don't want to screen please don't contact me. I advertise that screening is required and I will never see a client who refuses to screen. Safety is more important than money and a gentleman that doesn't understand we are in a vulnerable position is not worth seeing. 🎺 🎺 🎺

💕☝️As ALSO a custom fashion designer, I am going to offer a SPECIAL for any guy or gal who wishes a rock n roll style custom bra and panties set made in their requested size for $130. Top of the line lace, bejeweled and in your requested size.

See my work of other items in gallery...❤️ reach out privately to discuss!

I would like to Thanks :licking_lips: to all my Fans :wet_tshirt: & Support from everyone on here :weed:

@ronf Thanks For all the support hun & online friendship🥰😘🤩😘😘

I didn't watch all of the Oscars telecast last night, but it looks like the show's producers "assumed" Chadwick Boseman would win the Best Actor award posthumously and they would close the show on that emotional note. Well, we all know what happens when you Ass U Me. But still, mad props to director Chole Zhao, director/screenwriter Emerald Fennell and actor Daniel Kaluuya for their well deserved wins last night.

Does anyone remember the "Lost In Space" movie from 1998? I do, and ya know what... I liked it! Oh, those wacky '90s.

@ronf Thanks For all the support hun & online friendship🥰😘🤩😘😘

@MissSweetT I am fine and well, thank you. Trying to resume support to SW people here. Got my first shot and also had negative covid test from last week, which is good news on these times. I wonder how long before I become part of the walking dead. 😁😆😅

@HazelVip Hey can you give me any tips on how to planned for Trip Tours. 🤔

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely people here in Switterland and throughout the galaxy!

@HazelVip Hey can you give me any tips on how to planned for Trip Tours. 🤔

2021-2022 I just want to travel for work and meet cool guys 🤑🥂💥

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