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Good morning to the subs who got up early this morning to go to work or work on themselves,

while Princess slept in & was gently awoken by Her man's soft tongue worshipping Her divinity 😌

Good cucks may send for Our late brunch.

γ€Š findom femdom cuckold 》

Height: 5'2"
Shoe: 7-8
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Tattoos: Big left thigh piece
Piercings: None
Color: Periwinkle/light blue
Drink: Hennessy & Coke
Number: 13

Tagging whoever wants to join in!

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Height: 5'8"
Shoe: 9 (Call Me Bigfoot)
Zodiac: Taurus
Tattoos: none
Piercings: again, none. I'm boring
Color: think "Barney purple"
Drink: no thanks, I'm already high
Number: 69

I'm not gunna tag anyone because everyone hates these. We're just bored today.



Good morning from Mommy in her soft satin robe πŸ’•

Be a good boy today!

γ€Š findom femdom mommydomme 》


There's something about the darkness of night that brings out your dirty little secrets.

Let's explore them in depth πŸŒ™

γ€Š findom femdom 》



she doesn't need me
to validate her
she allows me
to treasure her


When a sub tells Me they're quitting, I can't help but smirk.

Sure you are, little pet, just keep telling yourself that.

See you next week 😘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Good morning to subs who wake up to too much money in their account on payday,

& fix that issue immediately by sending it all to Her β˜€οΈ

γ€Š findom femdom 》

There's never enough time in the day to crush as many men's hopes & dreams as I want to πŸ˜”

What a shame.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

The only acceptable response when She instructs you to send is "Yes, Goddess" & Her phone pinging with a tribute notification πŸ’°

Anything else is just white noise.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

It's clear that what you have is an addiction to perfection,

& serving a Princess is the only way to satisfy the craving πŸ’‰

Let's begin.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Fall to your knees before Me so I know it's real 😘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Good morning to subs who understand the value of consistency β˜€οΈ

Who serve consistently, who send consistently, & who sacrifice consistently for Her.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

As your eyelids get heavy, your mind drifts to visions of Her.

It's a privilege to dream of such perfection,

so compensate Her accordingly for your wandering imagination πŸ’Έ

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Breaking a promise leads to lack of trust.

Lack of trust leads to you being dismissed.

Don't risk the whole D/s relationship over a dumb task/tribute.

Either say something before the deadline or just do the damn thing πŸ™„

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Every man's best angle is from kneeling on the ground, looking up at Me with fear & admiration 😌

γ€Š findom femdom 》

As with any other humans, subs experience a wide range of emotions.

But when you bottle those emotions up & say nothing to your Domme,

it causes only miscommunication, resentment, & issues.

Talk to Her. Be honest. Communicate.

It will help ❀

γ€Š findom femdom bdsm kink》

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