It's ok to be jealous of another sub's level of servitude,

but you have to take it as motivation to do better yourself.

Don't compare or compete, just do better,

for Her πŸ‘‘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

I can't help but unearth your deepest, darkest, nastiest fantasies 😏

γ€Š findom femdom 》

RT brings the craziest shit out of me.


The more of My time & attention men expect for free, the more expensive it gets.

Keep pushing & you'll quickly realize how inadequate your wallet is in comparison to Mine.


γ€Š findom femdom 》

Quitting is a myth.

Relapse is inevitable.

Resistance is futile.

Let's play 😈

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Don't be shy, pet.

Come tell Me what's on your mind.

With cash, of course πŸ’Έ

γ€Š findom femdom 》

There is no greater honor for a sub than knowing you've thoroughly pleased Princess 😊

Work hard for Me & you'll learn how true that really is.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Empty your savings for Me & maybe I'll consider letting you gag on My pretty little foot πŸ˜‡

γ€Š findom femdom footfetish feet 》

I'm thinking sushi for dinner πŸ€”πŸ£

Which means you're buying Me sushi for dinner!

Lucky you. $40.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

There's only one way to properly kick off your weekend...

It involves your paycheck & My account.

I think you can figure it out from there 😏

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Daydreaming of smothering a sub with My thick thighs & ass while I max out their credit card online shopping πŸ’³

Doesn't that sound romantic? πŸ₯°

γ€Š findom femdom breathplay 》

I won't be impressed until what you've sent has a comma in it 😘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

The bare minimum will not be accepted. It is a disgrace.

Go above & beyond. Prove your worth.

Make yourself matter.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

All I do is take, take, take,

but you love it,

because all you want to do is give πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Good morning to the selfless subs who send just to send β˜€οΈπŸ’•

γ€Š findom femdom 》

The place you belong is beneath My feet, acting as a footstool.

Trust Me, you're not bright enough to be of any other use than as an inanimate object 😘

γ€Š findom femdom humanfurniture 》

Good morning to pets who round up to even triple digits β˜€οΈ

Put pleasing Her above pleasing yourself.


γ€Š findom femdom 》

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