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Yes, the risks of giving in are high.

But the rewards far outweigh them 😘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

A little taste of yesterday & a little taste of today ✨

The life of a Princess πŸ‘‘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Does the thought of your account going into the red make your little shrimp twitch? 🍀

Let's explore that 😏

γ€Š findom femdom 》

You pay Me because I'm better than you.


γ€Š findom femdom 》

I'm only $364.62 away from My next $10,000 taken from inferior beings.

Get Me there ✨

γ€Š findom femdom 》


believe it or not 🀯 there ARE subs who enjoy JUST paying. Paying a Dommes rent, paying for her dates, paying her gym bill, her dinner bill. That exists! Just because you don't have that kink doesn't mean others don't. Stop kink shaming the Domme and sub who play in it


Good morning to subs who make My holidays brighter πŸŽ„

Make sure to send a gift that reflects My importance in your life on Friday 🎁

γ€Š findom femdom 》

I know you have nothing to do on a COVID Friday night.

Spend it emptying your wallet for Me while I laugh at your pathetic pleas for attention 🀭

γ€Š findom femdom 》

The end of your findom sobriety is looming...

It's about time you fell back off that wagon πŸ˜‰

The question isn't "if" you'll relapse,

it's "when" βŒ›

γ€Š findom femdom feet footfetish 》


searching for salvation
I found her
dispensing sweet indulgence
an invitation to love


Paying Me is how you cope with your feelings of self-loathing.

Cope harder.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

If your devotion to Me is as overwhelming as you claim,

why isn't your savings already in transit to My account? πŸ€”

Prove it.

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Good morning to the little moths that can't resist being drawn towards My flame πŸ•―

γ€Š findom femdom 》

I deserve only the best & that's what you're going to give Me 😌

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Tell Me good morning by sending while you're on your team's morning Zoom call πŸ’»

Then pray you don't have to stand up and reveal that embarrassing little tent in your pants β›ΊπŸ˜‚

γ€Š findom femdom 》

Binge hard for Her tonight, desperate boy.

Let Her wake up to the fruits of your quiet sacrifice.

Make it hurt to make Her happy πŸ’•

γ€Š findom femdom 》

It's ok to be jealous of another sub's level of servitude,

but you have to take it as motivation to do better yourself.

Don't compare or compete, just do better,

for Her πŸ‘‘

γ€Š findom femdom 》

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