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Plot twist! I’m dressed in this selfie. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Feel free to RT or whateva ✌🏼

Due to lack of proper interest and ability to follow my protocol I am likely going to postpone my trip. No screening or deposit= I’m not going anywhere.

If screenings & deposits aren’t in my email tomorrow morning, Louisville will be postponed.

I am available now in Nashville, Tennessee, United States! To contact me, visit

☠️💜 Little Ramblin' Lucy 💜☠️

The Psychedelic Slut has taken residence in the south. Come find me in this winter, that is when I'm not traveling.


I take care of the needs of body and soul. Genuine

🌜🌜🌜Gypsy Goddess🌛🌛🌛

Location: New Orleans
Contact: 2408161392

✨🕯 A Relaxing Body Rub ✨🕯
Safe Essential Oils Are Prepared for Your Individual Needs and are An Optional Topical during Your Session.

To ensure a custom visit please visit my website to book your appointment. Rates and Services are listed as well.

📍Clarksville, 📍

⭐💜☠️kinky dorky tiny freak☠️💜⭐

✨Little Ramblin' Lucy Lovelace✨
❤️❤️✨lives in NOLA now✨❤️❤️

Available for and dates

⭐⭐ girlfriend for hire⭐⭐

❤️Mouth of the South❤️
Short Stay Specials
❤️Best in the Country ❤️

😈Witchy Woman Soothing Souls😈

💜Gypsy Goddess💜Genuine Freak💜

Location: New Orleans
Contact: 2408161392

Offering special double credit dates on my upcoming trip, to anyone ho knows me and $100 dates.

I have to get some merch to today and m time to get a flight which works I running short. Like 2 hours.

I'll coun double on what you can send towards a date in the future.

Sorry for the mercenary bullshit. The life of a multi business entrepreneur....🤦


🎂My birthday is officially less than a month away, 1/1! 🎂

Did you know I’m also offering multi-hour incentives until 12/31!?

I’d love to celebrate with you - or if you admire from afar and would like to gift me, I won’t argue. 🤪

All info is right here:

Let’s celebrate my birthday and bring in the new year together! 🎊🎉

Gifts accepted, wishlist in bio and $ksxconsulting 😘

Let’s celebrate my birthday and bring in the new year together! 🎊🎉

Gifts accepted, wishlist in bio and $ksxconsulting 😘

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