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⚡️Waiting for you to conquer me⚡️

NYC: Jan 30-Feb 3
Chicago: Feb 6-10

📍Based in

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Can we start a bbw appreciation thread?👏

Rainy day blues? Not with this kitten✨

Pre-screening Requirements + Introduction Form at

⚡️ M I S S I V Y Q U I L L . C O M ⚡️

L I K E = 🔥
R T = 💕

Feeling hot and limber after yoga class 🧘🏻‍♀️

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Remember my assault case from May 2017? A client strangled and robbed me. Well, I was set for trial tomorrow. He took the plea and got 5 years. He assaulted 2 other women and has been charged with time on those cases as well and will be serving his time consecutively.

I spent this cloudy afternoon working on my office space. I started painting the bathroom, picked up some new plants, and hung my favorite piece of fan art 🖤

It's so beautiful😍😭
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Here is a little look at
8 yrs into my practice I have built and established my very own dungeon. This is one of those moments in life I feel truly proud of myself for pushing myself to follow through with something I never thought possible.

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In 3 years I have written two thirds of a musical about sex work I’ve composed songs including:
Dick Emergency
I’m not touching that.
Thank you for your completely unsolicited advice on my business, now please fuck off.
SWERF...this ain’t your TERF

Broadway producers please DM.

His name is Richard Phillips. Buy a piece of his art. Better yet, by me a piece of his art <3
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Man exonerated after 45 years sells his prison art to get by: "I didn't actually think I'd ever be free again. This art is what I did to stay sane." abcn.ws/2FILvNB

Oh my sweet, Seattle 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Worst cities to work, in my humble 3 years experience:

Seattle/Portland (PNW)
Chicago (cancellations)

Colleagues, what would you add or remove?

I was going to garden before heading to the Office to put the new bed together but the rain told me to go inside and bake cookies.

She asked me how long he’d been tattooing when he did mine. I told her, “10 years.”

“Why did he do this to you?!” 😭

Because he was terrible in every way. And he doesn’t get to have any part of me anymore ✨

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Our first collaboration? She’s covering a tattoo that my crazy ex did 😘

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Honestly though, I’m stoked to have found such a badass black femme artist who owns her own studio. ✨

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Woo y’all - my new tattoo artist is so god damn sexy and I don’t see her again until our session in March 😭

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