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Several, actually.


You are probably someone's hottest ex

RT 🌟 Absolutely terrible. Just makes me feel bad about myself. Complete rip off. Would pay again.

I deserve angry online reviews about how unfair and mean I am. Where are my one star reviews!!? Give them to me!!

How many different and unique ways can I express how men truly deserve to have their egos utterly eviscerated? I want to take away their toys and make them cry until morale improves.

They really need their bubbles burst efficiently and effectively

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Sometimes I have to rip an ego to shreds before I’ve had my morning latte.

Finally one of these made just for me 🥲


can't sleep. tag yourselves

Better to be true to yourself for an instant than never know it.


Submission is always possible for the man who simply stops fighting.


One of my Fans is enjoying my Content! You should, too! Permanent Jerk Off Loser

This is my most downloaded video of all time. Go find out why.


This is a Fan Favorite! Programmed to Edge

Despite the fragility of the industry weighing on my mind, it is difficult not to be uplifted by the sweet and generous boys in my inboxes all week.


we still gotta raise at least another $9,850.00 for a website we're working on so if you wanna help out you can send bitcoins to here: bc1qqnnfqxj3mvg6yq83wh2tqce3txgwvw4tyyf0g9

Its greatly appreciated!

🌟But if you’re nice I’ll shove a heel down your throat and slap you around a little. 🌟

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Listen, I *am* a gold-digging whore that is too good to talk to you. Try again, sweetie.


BREAKING: Congress has announced that the next round of stimulus will be the friendships we made along the way.

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