Took the most luxurious bath. My skin is so soft and smells so good. Clean, fresh, sweet, warm.

Wouldn’t you like to rub jasmine oil on my feet and legs?

I absolutely 100% understand why Dommes punctuate their tweets with “findom femdom”, I GET IT. But it’s so exhausting and annoying to read on every tweet, across countless profiles.

I feel so sorry for women that don’t know what it’s like to lead submissive men into worship, devotion, servitude; to have them genuinely invested in their success and comfort.

Stop making things so difficult for yourselves.

The money *is* what makes it real.


If you wanna be my reg that's fine but you're not allowed to fall in love with me and then not wanna pay anymore because you want it to be 'real' we are not taking that energy into 2021 okay. YES ITS REAL BUT ALSO ITS A FANTA$Y! IM SICK OF IT. I keep losing good clients this way

A handful of new clips in the works. Difficult to choose a favorite. I’m so brilliant it’s a disservice to everyone that I don’t offer cam sessions.

Your girlfriend would be disgusted to learn what I’ve made you do for me.


You know what they say: what doesn’t kill you only makes you cum

What do I want from you? Nothing. But if you’re lucky, I’ll take everything you have.


I know you're trying really hard to go through your life like you don't have a little mini dick, but there's nothing you can do.

RT we must imagine Sisyphus felt like a very, very good girl


I fantasize about being made to push a rock up a hill. You know, forced Sisyphication

You know what they say: what doesn’t kill you only makes you cum

I’ve honed my embroidery skills by stitching snarky sayings and now I’m ready to move on to the big stuff: trees and birds!

Little bitches hurting themselves in their own confusion. I love it.

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Men hate-jerking about being completely owned by pussy gives me life.

Men are really loud and gross about their exploiting women fantasies.

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The stipulations he required were that the women must already be high-earners on OF, and that profits made from selling the content created on customers’ property would be shared between the pool cleaning company + the paying customer.

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