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I heard you were looking for me...Here I am 😘🤭😊

Hello and !

Milan Bvlgari🎈

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As a beginner I'm pretty proud about this bracelet that I won on ONE hand.


Milan Bvlgari

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Who is ?

A 5'11 beauty from Vancouver Bc. My second home is here on the of . (seasonal)

Highly reviewed ~P114651

Hello Switter World!

Let's enjoy this Hump Day in May with Charles Mingus!

Take a listen to "Better Git It In Your Soul" from his "Mingus Ah Um" album!

Released in 1959 on the Columbia label.

Have a Happy Hump Day!!

See Switter Profile for Details!


I am available now in Boston, Massachusetts, United States! To contact me, visit

Also on

As much as I’ve a perverse desire to see/hear reactions of frauds when the Switter Fraud Detection Team outs them (I had DM’s of insults), frauds are using my toots to legitimize themselves.

So I guess I’m gonna block them now. Silly me.

Where are the moderator(s)? They were asking for volunteers- I didn’t hear/see anything afterwards....

Quarantine is giving you the time to




your relationships &

your sexual performance.

Come out on the other side of this


better equipped to have

amazing love, sex & intimacy.

Becoming a powerhouse in the bedroom fuels every area of your life.

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Love, 💚
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Good morning and Happy Easter weekend Switterhearts 😘.

Have a lovely Saturday and stay safe 🥰🤗


So happy you are back.

Social distancing.

People are staying safe and not having physical contact.

Too risky......

(Just when you thought sex without a condom was unsafe....Corona virus exposure takes things to a whole new level!)

Stay lives.

Brief encounters are not worth it!

I'm seeing men stepping up to do what it takes to improve their lives & relationships!

Whole new environment and ball game going on! ❤️ 😍


Nice Job @switter and all you beautiful people who stepped up and booted and tooted...A great day for all!

❤AVAILABLE FOR PHONE AND VIDEO CALLS DURING THE QUARANTINE.❤Erotic hypnosis, Tantra sessions, Fantasy, Fem Dom, Sub for you, or just hang out. Let's have a hot steamy intense erotic adventure together in the comfort of our own homes. 60 donation per 15 min. Prebook for as long as you like. Aurora (831)205-oh779

@MilanBvlgari Not much, just 3 new kids in Texas. Go big or go home right 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Really miss your presence 💗

What if this lockdown is the perfect time for you to get really clear in your own personal relationship(s)?

To take the time to examine your part in your relationship.

This is where it gets good & juicy!

When men take responsibility-stop blaming & understand what's truly happening in their lives & relationships now they can forge a path for greater sex & intimacy.

You have to be openly willing to learning something new!

Contact me here:

Love 💚

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