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I heard you were looking for me...Here I am 😘🤭😊

Hello and !

Milan Bvlgari🎈

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As a beginner I'm pretty proud about this bracelet that I won on ONE hand.


Milan Bvlgari

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Who is ?

A 5'11 beauty from Vancouver Bc. My second home is here on the of . (seasonal)

Highly reviewed ~P114651

@MilanBvlgari 😂 😂 😂 With a blunt spoon 🤭 😍 😁 Nice and messy like 🙈 😂 😍 Happy Thursday Gorgeous 🤗 😍 🤗 ❤️

Thank you to my switter L🥰VES , for wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving 10/14🇨🇦....It was super refreshing.😊🥰

Milan Bvlgari

@Heaven1__ @simplysummer @tindrastoes @MilanBvlgari @MissHolly
Thanks for all the boosts ladies!🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

😁 😍 Swittering to work should totally be a thing 😂 😍 ❤️ Happy Lickn on this fine Tuesday Sweetie 🤗 😍 😍 @Lickn @Heaven1__ @simplysummer @MilanBvlgari @MissHolly

@tindrastoes @Heaven1__ @simplysummer @MilanBvlgari @MissHolly
It so is a thing! Makes the train ride much more visual 😍and stimulating🚀! Just no private cars! 😖

@MilanBvlgari 💕 @BrienneHarris 💕

Dinner tonight, spare ribs with bell peppers & cucumbers over steamed jasmine rice.

Boil crosscut ribs for 30 mins.

A little sesame oil, stir fry vegs over high heat with oyster sauce and remove from the pan.

Heat up the pan, ad the drained ribs, soy sauce, black bean garlic sauce, and char siu or spare rib sauce and stir fry away on med/high heat.

The broth is skimmed and can be used later for soup or rice porridge.


нeℓℓo doℓℓ fαce 💕💛

ι мιѕѕѕѕ уoυυυυυυυ 🤗


Awe, thank you gorgeous 😘😘. Happy Monday dear 🤗

@MilanBvlgari 😍 🤗 😍 Yay, in which case here's a lucky lady 🤭 😍 🍀

Im on a green tortoise full of cuddly dancers rolling through the desert!!! It's so beautiful, so expanded and magic here. Im happy! Someone has their foot pressed against the heat between my legs🌺 cuddle puddles are nice.💞 Love you guys!!! Wishing everyone a sexy and successful day!!!

🛸 qυeѕтιon of тнe dαу 🛸

ιf уoυ coυℓd ѕρend α ωeeк ιn тнe ραѕт, ωнιcн тιмe ρerιod ωoυℓd уoυ νιѕιт?

good мornιng, вυnnιeѕ! 🐰💕

:bunnies: нαρρу нυмρ dαу!

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