sex work saved my life. I worked 10 hour shifts welding cars waking up at 4am everyday to make barely enough to get by before I found this industry. for women to honestly sit here and tell us there's other options when I was more exploited & underpaid in your idea of a "real job"

@MiaTheMistress Excellent example. Then there are the many single mothers I have met over the years who did this. It not only allowed them to get out of the trap you described, but also then have a lot more time available for their kids.

@MiaTheMistress i understand baby. working those low wage jobs imo is soul crushing. i been there.

@MiaTheMistress Whatever a "real job" is, isn't defined. Technology has rendered our "economic" system obsolete. Society is on an irrational quest to create "jobs" most of which are bullshit, like making missiles, prison guards, lawyers, making beer commercials, politicians. none of which serve an actual purpose. From my experience, my current "sex worker" (and friend) has been invaluable in helping me with severe emotional issues. she has a real job, most others do not.

@MiaTheMistress Good morning.. We never have to apologize what we do for a living.. There R men selling drug's,gun's & committing crime's.They are applauded in Tv,Movies.. ever..! Stay safe

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