all subs main goal should be to make their domme as worry free as possible, financially abundant, and have as many shopping sprees as she wants 😈 your dick doesn’t matter in this equation, I think we need to lock it up to teach you a few lessons 🤔

I love having loser funded shopping sprees before I take naps 😈🖤 send more because my amazon gift card funds should be endless, and I should never wake up from a nap and not see my bank account growing💰 (🇨🇦 amazon):

okay guess I’ve spent long enough in my depressive slump lol. Time to get shit done today, I hope my subs on avn and onlyfans are ready for some delayed ass Halloween content this week! Luckily most of my subscribers know I’m a manic depressive mess 😂

if any of my subs want to send tributes, pls send them to iWantClips bc I want to make my payout on there since I never use it. I’m $40 away😇

just casually dropping my wish list link here in case some simps feel like impressing me today😈

grindin on my smurf account on overwatch early this morning with my lil baby girl mochi🖤 she’s the best gaming friend I could ask for

I want more cats 🖤 my lil mochi deserves a friend lol. I wish I could just have a kitty shelter for all the feral kitties 😭 there’s a lot downtown around here and I just want to take them all home 😔😔

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