iwc cock blocked me out of getting to my payout 😭 I’m $40 away and my sub was trying to get me all my payouts but it wouldn’t let him add more money twice 😔

send me $30 so I can order food while I rinse my boot bitch 🙃

These boots just dropped and ur goth goddess wants themmm😍 send awayyyy

My cat just climbed down my back with her nails lol, u gotta be a bit of a masochist to own a cat 😂

day is ruined bc my sub can’t be trusted not to cancel my gift card after serving me for like 3 years 🙃 I forgot I can’t trust anyone!

another day another $250 sub funded shopping spree 😍

I really want to start a sub dog walking service🐕‍🦺😂

I found this while scrolling around tonight and thought it belonged on findom twitter 😂

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