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We stand in solidarity with Sex Workers facing censorship, criminalisation and marginalisation both online and off.
We are honoured to count Sex Workers from around the world not only as customers but also as friends, and proud to support you in your struggle against discrimination in all its forms.

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MedFet Professional: Escalating discounts up to 20%, free delivery, bespoke service. Exclusively for Kink Professionals and Sex Workers. Let’s work together!

All women are amazing in their own ways, but few epitomise the inspiration and spirit of International Women's Day more than the Kink Professionals and Sex Workers all around the world empowering themselves and each other. We salute you, and stand in solidarity with you!

There's a reason our careful packing and packaging get almost as much praise as our products themselves. It's discreet of course, but it's also eco-friendly...and to make sure your MedFet goodies arrive in pristine condition, it's pretty much bulletproof too!

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Queen of your cock, balls and mind. balls are mine! This is how it’s perfectly nailed.
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We are now offering some of our most popular standard needles in cost-effective bulk packs of 500 or 1000 with significant savings on the base prices per box of 100.
Ideal if you have a favourite gauge/length, or for those who use a lot of needles.

Coming soon!
Graves Speculum - broader blades than the Cusco, with double articulation for perfect visualisation. Mirror polished high grade stainless steel.

Following successful testing, we are extending shipping calculated by weight to ALL International orders. As a result we estimate around 90% of these orders will incur equivalent or slightly lower shipping charges than previously.

If you're separated from the object(s) of your affection by lockdown restrictions this Valentine's Day...or even if you're not...our Gift Certificates make the perfect gift for the MedFet lover(s) in your life.
£5 - £1k. Valid for 365 days from purchase.

We have been working hard to resolve post-Brexit logistics issues affecting supplies of Catheters and associated products. Very pleased to say most items are now back in stock and ready for dispatch. Some purchase restrictions continue to apply.

There’s still time to inject some delicious MedFet pleasure/pain into your Valentine’s Day (if you’re in the UK). But you need to be quick...last chance to order is Wednesday 10th for dispatch 1st Class on Thursday.
Love hurts, so the saying goes. Well that’s the way we like it!

Another new product coming soon!
Female-length Foley catheter with pre-filled sterile water syringe. CH-18, 24cm long, PTFE-coated latex.

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