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Sad af alt- country Spotify link 


Hadn't heard that one before. Good stuff.

I've been obsessed with "Ramon Casiano" by the Drive By Truckers lately. This is a stripped down version, but it's awesome and relevant AF to current events though it took place in 1931. Check out the story behind it. Great song.

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Have you fapped to me or my content?
You can totally thank you!
Send Subway gift cards to

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Lots of nervous hours thinking about my friends and family back in the South in the path of Hurricane Florence. And also sending hugs and good thoughts to switter folks in the path of the storm. Stay safe. ♥️

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Y'all providers message me for info on a bad Bay Area client. (I will only give info to people I can definitely tell are providers)

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Will you PLEASE date me one hour at a time????

You..........make me wanna wear panties, take em off and throw dem at the drummer!!!!

👆 See this tude ladies??? Getchu some.



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@Meatstack that’s too funny bro. I’ll dovetail:

Client: let’s identify some quick wins.

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Hi im your new girlfriend Lauren French. must send references, or a pic of you and a pic of you holding your ID, DL, or passport. Minimum 1h no upcharges. 360h 500 90m VIP everything goes

Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Its especially fun when you find someone who is “special” in this world we all play in. Someone who demonstrates they care about “your” well being.

@Jadekay98 is such a person, beautiful, sexy, fun and so cute.. If you see her, tell her Zep thinks she’s amazing.

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@Meatstack I'd like to! I just need more friends there!

Let's set something up!

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I think I might do a special promotion tomorrow to celebrate!!!

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Yes. I self boosted.


I just want let the ladies of know there are gentlemen here that want nothing more than for you to succeed, have fun and be yourself. 👏

They are watching. 👀

Interact. Embrace. Have faith. Think more-good-than-bad.

Be yourself. <-------------- 👈

They are reaching out, embracing and making you feel like the woman you are.

Be yourself. <-------------- 👈

They are waiting.
They are making plans.
They are booking.



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𝒜𝓊𝓈𝓉𝓇𝒶𝓁𝒾𝒶𝓃 𝑅𝒶𝒸𝒽𝑒𝓁

all the hashtags

An Aussie Semitic Vixen.

If you can understand my Australian accent, I am utterly charming.

An intellectually creative + mature sensual delight.

Please email me with your big throbbing vocabulary and I will treat you like a King.

P411: P274118

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@Meatstack There's certainly a combo session, no? You know, for the client who can't make up her mind.


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Thank you sweetness!

You are always so kind and helpful to me and so many others. I appreciate you and all of the love you share here.

Nice to have you back.

You've been missed!😂 ❤️ 😍

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