Plz boost for me 😘 So again, to help you w/your clients. I'm sure most of you already know, but just in case, Here's the ... if you want to make him happy concentrate in the circle. There is a bundle of nerves in that area that will push him over the edge. In fact you could just take the tip of your tongue & play w/that little spot & that would make him happy. there's also something you can do during climax for him with that spot which is a little bit more difficult to explain.🤔

@Massagemichael. Nice!! You know, and Santa Cruz in Sacramento I'm known for my head game and I've had almost every client tell me I should teach classes. Starting to think I should. Do you know of any one who would be interested in attending LOL

@Massagemichael since it’s popular in porn, most ask for that unrealistic deep throating and expect it for a long time. Your post reminded me not to neglect that spot.

@Massagemichael I use that technique quite a bit. While I cup the boys😎💋


Devil's Advocate here...

I could be wrong, but i am guessing you haven't played with anywhere near as many male genitals as those of us you are trying to give advice to...personally i am quickly approaching 4000.

Most men only know how theirs work, and even then i can always teach them something new.

So...perhaps, don't?

We don't need helpful or any other kind of dick pix...thanks...and if a lovely SW needs to learn stuff he/she can hook up with a better established SW.

I certainly enjoy play time in that area. However, it does get very tender and sore at times.

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