One day I will learn to cook smaller portions. Lol. I swear I cook like I’m feeding an army. And for someone who doesn’t love leftovers... it’s a bit of a struggle. 🤦🏾‍♀️

I’ve even had a client gift me a “cooking for two” cook book. Great book! But it hasn’t helped yet. 🤣

Rang in the New Year with some good friends. Goal setting and great vibes all around. Happy New Year everyone. Cheers to 2021

Ringing in the new year with some of my friends! sponsors are welcome to keep the bubbles flowing and food coming! 😉 🥰💜

Um... I went to a pretty great school. But why did I learn more about politics and civics from tv than in the classroom? I didn’t know there was a senate minority leader until watching scandal. & forgot until rewatching it. now I have to google to find out who our current one is.

My day has been so quiet today. If you'd like to change that please go to to book a date or send an email to 😉

I bet Juan was SOOO glad he wasn't there too.

Seriously, AGAIN! What was Juan gonna do if he was there??? Not a damn thing Robyn! Shut up!

anyone else notice that the people who got DRAGGED this aren't live tweeting? Where y'all at???

Chris B. if you HAD your kids no one would be able to come for them......

OKAY!!! We got a black bachelor!!!! I might actually watch this season. lol

Gizelle brought a security guard to the reunion but not her man... oh ok

Candiace ain't fucking her husband. it's ok Chris, you can always come book me or one of my friends. 😉

Chris Samuels is NOT here for the small talk! and I'm loving every minute of it. Don't play with his family. and Robyn shut up, if Juan was there he'd be mute and we know this!

Gizelle is on season 5 of not having a man behind her on the show... SEASON 5!!! Still alone...

I really want to play a full game of monopoly in person.

This Christmas has been a blessing. I am thankful for all of my gifts and the ones not in the photo.

Thank you Mr. K. L. D. E. C. and S.

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