It's my business doing pleasure with you!

Madame X visiting Southern NH
8/13 - 8/15

...catch me if you can...

Location: Manchester and Nashua New Hampshire

They say this city never sleeps... but let's get in bed anyway ;)

Madame X visiting NYC
8/2 - 8/9

Catch me if you can!

Location: New York City, New Yok

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Good evening,
Here is my upcoming schedule!

SF Bay Area - 5/13-5/15
San Jose - 5/16-5/19
Los Angeles 5/22-5/24

Add your city by pre-booking 2hrs or more.
No screening info, no appointment.

Aleeyah Yueng

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I've been described as: smart, fiery, adventurous, and vibrant.

I'm always looking for people who prioritize fun. I love to make people laugh and explore all that our planet has to offer. What's life for if not to try to have the most fun possible?

Text: 914-500-8346

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🥀Spring time gets me all frisky and 💦

Available this afternoon for outcall only near . 3pm-5pm session available.

Call now to book a 😍💗



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Playing in one of my favorite matching sets (which is also my favorite shade of blue!) Always on the hunt for some more lacy treasures in this color family. ✨

Now booking in & through the next few weeks! Check out my website for more photos and info about your favorite hedonistic bookworm, here for the number one on the 😘

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elax, renew, revive what your body and soul deserves. I offer an unsurpassed professional service. Where it's all about you, because every/Body deserves to feel good😉

250 🌹 HHR
400 🌹 HR

Location: Austin, Texas.

Bookings 💌:

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What better way to start the day than with me by your side
Explore and take a chance
and indulge finally in your Sophia Experience

Location: NYC Westchester
Contact: Call.Text 716 717 5056

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Long legged 5'4" & 96lbs of delicious almond skin with curves you can wrap your arms around. 30B-25-35 the type of figure that will keep you up at night!

Check out my YouTube Video!

Available Daily with pre-booking in

Learn More:

To Schedule:
☎️(646) 535-4435

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I am taking a break from my RW job tomorrow-weekend. This girl needs some fun and excitement. I'll be taking appts and hopefully working off some frustrations! Care to join me? Screening is a MUST.

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Come play, boys!
🔥 :licking_lips: :lingerie: ☀️

I'm a petite Latin-Asian goddess with raven hair and a great ass!🍑

Regular session
160-30 mins

Nude + 100
Nuru + 150
Outcalls 350 + screening

Sensual Bodywork/Kink/Fetish Only! NO FS

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Contact: 347-349-1023

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