I began escorting in an effort to recover from my 70-90 hour work weeks. I know many assume we are drug users, home wreckers, or have been sexually abused. An all to familiar stigma that keeps many of us feeling like what we do is wrong.

I enjoy sex very much, but that's not why I stay. The ability to help others is what fuels my desire to do what I do.

I hope you find some comfort in reading the article below, which offers a different approach to sex work.

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@Mackenzierose26 i read the article. Im not sure how to respond here though. I support you all i think will be best although it does not express how i feel inside fully. I dont have words that others wouldnt mock or misconstrue.

@Mackenzierose26 so relatable!! Thank you for sharing this. I’m still working my 9-5 and I am doing the SW to elevate my life as well as the lives of my clients!


πŸ‘ Great post πŸ‘

So much about this world keeps me around. I would have to make a post of my own to express the goodness this world provides.

🌺 πŸ₯‚ 🌺

@Mackenzierose26 i feel the same, i began because my then flatmate had left me with huge debts , backdated rent and no foid left so i got into the biz out of desperation, but once everything waa settled i stayed working because i love what i do,and the happiness it brings to my clients,it gives a real job satisfaction

@Mackenzierose26 what a wonderful article! Thank you very much for sharing!

@Mackenzierose26 that's an awesome post. Same here. I am far from a drug user and haven't been sexually abused... Unless I asked for it... Lol. πŸ˜‹β€οΈ

Thanks for the article. Xoxo

@Mackenzierose26 Thank you, I have met all types but have really enjoyed the women like you who see themselves as no different than a doctor. I need that "medicine" just as bad as if I had something wrong with me. Do not be ashamed you actually are a solution for us. πŸ‘

@Mackenzierose26 Sw are greatly under appreciated. Having to forgo intimacy for some 5 years as personal care attendant , For the last two years my only regular intimacy has been with sex workers. I greatly appreciate those ladies who have been willing to let me experience intimacy I otherwise just have not been able to find as hard as I have tried.
I do believe it would be much healthier USA if SW was legalized.

@Mackenzierose26 This is an important piece. I must admit, when I went to AVN last year, I was blown away by the number of disabled persons present. I was equally blown away by the tenderness and compassion shown to them by the talent.

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