I have no doubt whatsoever that if we met once we would see each other regularly & you would be a very regular friend ! As much as you are looking for kindness & connection, so am I

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cats that have noses that look a bit like human noses are the restless souls of the damned, tethered to earth. cats with normal noses are just cats

fucked up that birds need legs. just keep flying imo

Im willing to believe that the nintendo ice climbers are polyamorous

hey sophie did it hurt when you fell from...... wherever you fell from

*foucault voice* the inside of a fish’s mouth when it eats you and it closes its mouth and you rattle in vain against its teeth as if they were the bars of a jail cell. is a prison

Thinking about getting one of those little dick cages. Not like as a sex thing, just to keep it from running away

I am available now in Yonkers, New York, United States! To contact me, visit

This week's ruling in Alasaad v. McAleenan is an important win for digital privacy rights that goes further than any previous judge in protecting digital privacy at the border.

I am available now in New York, New York, United States!
I also entertain couples in Manhattan
VERIFICATION is required

To contact me, visit

❤️ ❤️ Good Morning Gents❤️
💦 Im ready and waiting 💦
💎 Sweet, Young & Fun💎
🍓 Come get a ripe berry 🍓

$40 off when you text "SLXwinter"
Hosting in , and
Call or text! 📱

Book my website too!!

Good morning my friends. Hope you have a great Saturday 😜

I am available now in Boston, Massachusetts, United States! To contact me, visit

me: *waiting for this poll to percolate through to pervert mastodon, blissfully uncognisant of the fact that it originated on pervert mastodon*

I am available now in Boston, Massachusetts, United States! To contact me, visit

Starting to get real annoyed at these host gift lists that tell guest gifters to “skip the wine, be more thoughtful”

I’ve got a message for you
Shit your dirty little whore mouth and bring me that wine

Nobody needs another candle or a box of mail order (read dry as hell) cookies or some tacky turkey themed Knick knack that’ll just end up at a garage sale or stuffed in the garage.

You know what I need? A nice damn drink.

Bourbon is also acceptable

Just let the booze do the thinking for you

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