Kick Back and Relax ! Let Me Pamper You with My Feathery Touches. I Have Amazing Hands that Will Have You Drifting Off to the Heavens. My Finishing Touches are by Very Talented Hands

Because You Desire it !

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Contact: 🔴 🔴 843-284-9327

Rain drops on roof tops. Hope you're keeping warm and toasty with your favourite SW this chilly day.

I am available now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States! To contact me, visit


Calling all BLACK FSSWers that have hobby board accounts, please DM me!

If you want to raise the floor for our BLACK FSSW community to collectively raise the minimum rate standard DM ME.

Your voices are needed! Your voices are important! Your voices matter!



I have two POC massage therapist house mates that are out of work due to C19. I need regular massages but can't afford it. Help all of us out by buying me some massages please. C@$h@pp $MissJadeRose83

I am available now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States! To contact me, visit

Please be advised that these two providers: @misslysi_nyc @LAVIPconsulting are legit and true providers. Under no circumstances did I implied or stated that they are not. If it came out otherwise, my apologies.

Please read the thread so you understand.



A beautiful song for a beautiful Lady with a gorgeous little


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I truly love her... a Lady with Attitude 🌞, the right one, an artist with a genuine heart.

Be well, AMERICA ❤️!

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When Desires Reign...

Our life is ruled by needs & desires, hopes & dreams... I'm old enough and experienced to have the understand of all of it. Try me! My passion will conquer and take you to the skies 🌈

Learn more about me

Be with Me 💞!

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