Just thinking about a fat girl trying to wear a shirt that says "Feminism is my second favorite F-word" πŸ₯²

I have the set of Harry Potters that come in the school trunk and I want to sell it but my lovely mother printed my name on the box πŸ₯²

I don't want to diss on anyone's fave but Fast & Furious is the WORST FRANCHISE EVER.

Also on the list of books I want to get rid of

The Accidental Billionaires
Ready Player One (mint condition lmao)
The Glitter Dome
For Whom The Bell Tolls
This Side of Paradise

Mostly just books written by men.

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I have Glamorama, Rules of Attraction and American Psycho. And yes I'm serious.

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Who wants my Bret Easton Ellis books? You can have them all except Less Than Zero.

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On Raising Hope Hope's mama was on death row and chose a McRib and Shamrock shake as her least meal but those were "never available at the same limited time"

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What are your favorite jokes from TV shows? I have two that live in my head all the time.

On the very first episode of Community when Jeff was talking to John Oliver and said he had a degree from Colombia but now he needed one from America. 1/2

Last weeks insurrection is visibly challenging people's beliefs in all kinds of ways. Even my own, do I want cops, the death penalty and prisons to go away forever? YES but do I want these traitors to suffer a little? Also YES

That looks gross! Cinnamon rolls don't need anything except a bit of extra icing.

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This is cinnamon roll heaven!

Special thanks to:

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Who wants my Bret Easton Ellis books? You can have them all except Less Than Zero.

I never watched beyond the first season of American Horror Story. When what's his face jerked off on a lamp is when I lost interest.

It's green so it's makes you think of TMNT Secret of the Ooze but it's probably more like "pure concentrated evil" from Ghostbusters 2.

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Huge sinkhole with a glowing green liquid oozing out is found on Toronto street trib.al/TcUaT1N

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I think what I like most about Ken Burns documentaries are all the old photos and videos. I'm watching The West again and the collection of images is stunning.

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@ginagirlgenius@twitter.com @ithinkiwantanap@twitter.com @a_busy_woman@twitter.com @_thalula_@twitter.com It’s really wild how people can see a tweet that nominally applies to them, but clearly doesn’t really have anything to do with them. And instead of thinking a moment and saying β€œwait, I don’t think this is about me” they just monologue about how the original tweet is wrong

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