Has all of twitter been feisty lately? Like I get it it's twitter not Care-A-Lot but geez.

I think I have to stop clicking on trends too. I wanted to see what was up with Bob Iger, and the mess it lead me too was something else.

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There are so many misconceptions people cloak as advice that do NOT apply to POC/WOC in SEX WORK.

Everything doesn’t always work for everyone.

When I was a stripper dancing in a mixed dive club I learned with experience.

Drop some down below:

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Hey , We are hosting a baby shower for Blackfeet teen mom who doesn't have a lot of family in our community. Please consider contributing:


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Currently available in CC and burbs for and


Available for requests, notice is required I do not accept last minute anything!

Screening and deposits required no exceptions!

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End February with a bang!

Available this week!

A little something special for pre-booked dates over 2 hrs, this week only! See my website for details!


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MY HEART!!!!! I wasn't planning on going this year but maybe I should...

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Looking for a new paper supplier? We have Scranton's top people person's paper people coming to to help you buy your best paper products for The Office. Tickets: soo.nr/L87r

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Credit where credit is due this is from the video She's Bad by DyE. The film directors are Dent de Cuir

Worried about showing your face but tired of blurring it out? Photoshop an animal on your face.

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Trying to think of ways on how to balance showing more of me (skin and substance) to market to new clients, especially local ones, and keep the non-paying, non-booking looky-loos at bay. Is there even a way to do so?

Providers, what has been working for you?

RTs, please, TY.

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I am available now in Stillwater, Oklahoma, United States! To contact me, visit tryst.link/escort/llagathaa

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Hi Everyone, I'm so excited to join Twitter! ❀️❀️
I'm a Las Vegas based British BBW.

Please can you share to help me gain some followers? πŸ™
RT's reciprocated!

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Good evening L❀ver's! Putting out feelers for some HUMP day afternoon/evening fun! Let's de-stress together!

Hosting in Grand Prairie!

Screening a MUST
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Urgent ask... Never thought I'd need to do this but my son is missing in and I need help locating. Jaden was last seen Sat 2/22 in the Greenacres neighborhood. 16 y/o, 5'9, 175 lbs. He was wearing a blue hoodie/black pants. PLEASE call 313-596-1240 or DM me w/ info.

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This is an old LOTR joke and the best part are the super nerds well actually-ing.

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Gandalf: yo i'm back from isengard had to ride a fucken eagle to get here what’s up

Elrond: the ring must be destroyed

Frodo: i'll carry it

Gandalf: oh damn that's a long ass walk dude i hope you have comfy shoes

Frodo: wait didn't you say you rode an eagle here

Gandalf: no

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Austin is #1 and Denver is #3. Neither place is exactly thriving for escorts. Is that just coincidence?

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has nation's No. 3 job market, @WSJ@twitter.com reports via @denbizjournal@twitter.com: bit.ly/2TibDnJ.

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