Are you spending time with the right people for your health and

While many of us focus primarily on diet and exercise to achieve better health, science suggests that our well-being also is influenced by the company we keep. Researchers have found that certain health behaviors appear to be contagious and that our social networks — in person and online — can influence obesity, anxiety and overall happiness.

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@islandgent_713 I truly believe that. Have yo herd the saying if you put a healthy person and a sick person together the healthy person will get sick.. I have a EX that was a Debbie Downer and sucked the life out of me...😍

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I agree with this notion wholeheartedly @LucyB definitely beneficial for your peace-of-mind and physical health to surround yourself with positive, supportive folks. 🙌🏾🤗🙏🏾

Aww... thanks luv, a pleasure to share 😍🤗🙏🏾

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