Here is another candid pic of me being or trying to be a bad ass... lol

Who want's to go shooting with me!

@HobbyWannabee Well that sounds very Hot! I think we need to make a date soon to give me that one on one lesson.😂

@LucyB @HobbyWannabee You’ve just been called out, follow through & don’t disappoint 😆🙏

@LucyB that's not the only type of shooting I'd like to do with you 😜

@LucyB thinking billiards. you can bend over the table and I can show you how to shoot with my stick 😂

@LucyB only one way to find out 😁 I promise my lessons will start gentle

@Rithmaster I like it both, but gentle you can feel every inch so much better....😋

@LucyB then we start gentle and work our way into the harder "shots" 😜

@Rithmaster I would totally enjoy that, but tequila makes me a bit crazy, in a good way.. 😋 🤣

@LucyB hummm... start with the vodka and work into the patron. got it! 😋

@LucyB I'll play the DD to make sure I park in the right garage when we get home 😜

@Rithmaster Definitely, that's what keeps me out of trouble...😜

@LucyB with a 3rd party I figure that would add more trouble lol

@LucyB I've been sober for almost 13 years. a beer or 2 sure but I'll the the shot taking to you 👌

@JaseCoop Wow, you are packing babe.. Take me shooting...😆

@JaseCoop you need to take me with all your goods.. You are a bad ass...😃

@LucyB I want to go shooting with 😍 you !! You can come shoot all my guns. I have all kinds, one has a special load for you too!!! You are beautiful babe

Every time I’m in this site I want to meet you
But I have not had a chance to make it happen


I’m never in the area at the right time
Or maybe not enticed enough 😜
I’ll be in Plymouth again tomorrow and Saturday

@MZRIVERA1212 What do you mean not enticed enough, I'm very enticing... 😋

Oh ya tell me ,
I do want those breast all over me soooo hot

@MZRIVERA1212 Well babe they wont reach you in Plymouth. You are practically next door to me.. lol

@MZRIVERA1212 Just get you ass here for that hot slippery Nuru, with my DDD'S rubbing all over you..

Ok soon I promise myself a good time I deserve it

Mike 😘

@MZRIVERA1212 Stop saying and start doing babe. Promise you , it will be well worth it... You will be coming back for lots more...😘

Deal let’s do it
I have to see those in action

@LucyB I went once. I enjoyed it much more than I would’ve thought.

@LucyB that’s awesome you shoot,I’m an avid hunter that would love to do some shooting with you 😉

@Alpha608 Lets go, but I can not shoot a cute animal... Buy would love a shooting partner..😀

@LucyB we can stick to target shooting unless you have any other ideas 😜

@LucyB well that makes 2 of us,shot lots of beer cans though being from Wisconsin 😎

@Alpha608 Are you a good shooter? lol I need practice..🤒

@LucyB I haven’t had my shotguns out in a year and a half,so I will be a little rusty but I should have an advantage being tall 😜

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