Dear clients and admirers:

I’ve been dealing with a lot of fibromyalgia pain for the past week and it has me on bed rest today, I apologize for the inconvenience of any rescheduling I may require.

This is a very frustrating/painful time for me as I don’t get to fully control my body so I appreciate your patience! 🙏🏽


After being in strictly SW for 3 years and now being back in the sugar bowl, it’s frustrating to run into fellas that are SO uncomfortable discussing 💰

I feel like my biggest strength is in not making my dates feel like a transaction, but we are also both adults and business people here.

Stop being horrified when I talk about it plainly. I’m still going to suck your dick with just as much enthusiasm , hun! I just need to get the business out of the way first!


I found where all the business daddies have their lunches with their mistresses in Beverly Hills...

The waitstaff gives you knowing smiles and *excellent* service at your table.

Even if it is just so they can have a peek 👀 down your dress 👗

It was so hot all of them took off their sport coats 🤤

When my date arrived he definitely enjoyed the fact that he had a beautiful woman at his table while everyone else seemed to be on business lunches.

Being a trophy turns me on 💦 👅

Relentlessly horny 🤤

Who wants to spend the afternoon being naughty together?!

{Screening & Deposit Required}

Rates & photos:


My music video shoot was rescheduled, but that’s okay because now we can play today instead!

Think you can reach your tongue 👅 through these tights? 😈🤤😜
To introduce yourself and get verified!

For more ℹ️ :

I’m thinking about taking a trip soon. Where should I visit??

I woke up soooooo horny again today!

My nipples and clit are throbbing!

Who wants to come take care of me? ☺️

Learn all about me here:


Woke up this morning super wet 👅 My next date is in for an extra juicy sweet surprise! :vagina: 😈

Have you ever gone out and fucked against a tree in the woods like a slutty Disney Princess?

What about had it eaten from the back while all the woodland creatures watch in the dark?

No? Just me? Okay, well you should try it sometime!
😈 🤤

Yummy 🤤
Who’s hungry?

{Screening and deposit is required}
Introduce yourself and let’s get naughty!

Wet 🐱 

Woke up super juicy! Who’s hungry? 😈


Let’s get messy!! 😜

Oh its been a loooooooong time CUMMING but I'm baaaack!!!! <3

I deleted my twitter and my @LionBabe content will all live on here now!

A big huge THANK YOU to everyone who continues to share and comment on my content!

Men who eat pussy like it’s their last meal on Earth are a special breed...

I love you.

You make my clit so fucking hard and my pussy so creamy wet!

If you’re a fake pussy licker, I can tell the difference!!!!

Girl Cum pt 2 

I’m literally dripping on my sheets now...
I have not masturbated AT. ALL...
My clit is throbbing
This is just what happens when the Isn’t serviced in a while.

I spring a leak! 😂

For a Taste: contact me!
Screening and Deposit Required

✅P411 Verified
✅ Independent


Girl cum 

This is soooooooooo unfair!
I need to be licked clean...

Time for another tour!
If you’ve been waiting for your chance to dance with this Lioness, this is it!

Screening and Deposit Required

You will like me if you like:
✅ A big round ass
✅ Multi-Orgasmic
✅ 420 Friendly
✅ POC Friendly
✅Vocal in Bed
✅Warm and bubbly personality
✅Low Volume
✅Educated (BFA & Culinary Degree)

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