Ever wonder where our money goes or how much this runs us to work?
$4000 hotel fees
800 advertising
400 toiletries
400 personal up keep
400 travel expenses
600 eating out
100 phone& WiFi
$35 pobox
40 screening services
Overhead grand total=$6775 per month.

Factor these in too:
Legal fees
Car repairs
Student loans
Medical bills

tip the maid! Per day:
2 star $5
3 star $10
4 star $15
5 star $20


here’s a brief & very conservative break down:
few sites offer free posts $25-50 per day ads

40 covers $20
lube $20
$200-400 a month for cut & color
$20-60 a week on our nails

Not to mention Rent, health care, taxes, lingerie & clothing plus make up and a lot of other things.... what’s left is profit which pays the rest of our bills and living expenses.

Grand total for overhead $6775
Some ladies pay more some get by on less but for the bulk of us this is what it costs for us.

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Did this change how anyone feels about our rates? Does it change your views? Will you still complain about a ladies rates or the type of room she is in?

Low end ladies have a pimp to protect them because slobbyists don’t wanna be screened or pay the extra dough to see a lady in a better place with better service and Indy. Your bait and switch.

You get what you pay for. Good service ain’t cheap and cheap service ain’t good. Will any of you men think twice about who you see or haggling rates?

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Fuck paying for the ads, sign up on @GFEDating They don't charge you for a single thing.

@RonniePink yeah but dont they want dl verification and a face pic. ? That's the easiest way to get busted.But one site doesnt bring enough business. You have to do multiple sites and and many social media sites also.

@Mkoxbg as I stated above, it’s a brief breakdown to give gilets an idea where our money goes and how expensive it is to do this life. You want more figures then do the math yourself and tell ya what you come up with. Already said hotel average is 100 per day, parking average is $15 per day, like everything, some are more and some are less that’s why it’s called an average.

This info wasn’t meant to be debated or critiqued. Picked apart, challenged or scrutinized.

@Mkoxbg I’m not defensive when I ask what comment has to do with what I posted, if you want to know the varying rates of each hotel then go ahead and figure it out. Who cares about time break down? You wanna know how long I take to shower? Or how much I get paid an hour? Break it down yourself, I posted general costs for overhead. You wanna analyze every detail, go ahead. I won’t be debating with you on what general costs are.

Boohoo you deleted me or blocked me, don’t care, not my client.


I would think the hotels can vary quite a bit depending on location and quality, and in/outcall.

And the travel can vary depending on tours.

Advertising can be a tough one. Spend too much and it's wasted money, that you have to work harder for just to make up. Not enough, and you don't get clients.


One that I see monthly

We goto a swingers club.
It's $20 for couples, I pay.

Then she doesn't have to deal with cleaning.


You seem to be one of the types that gets angry/defensive from harmless comments.

Time to clean up my feed.

Goodbye, good luck.

Very well stated. Most clients have no idea how expensive this business is. Traveling ladies barely make any profit sometimes.

@LettuceMeat I think some guys just like to barter. I myself don’t go in the restaurant if i cant afford the meal.

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