any day, any time

to anywhere in

In most of the time. usually in

With a flexible schedule, I’m open to suggestion and booking near you by request. I visit often and less often but open to new places.

I stopped posting my number because of spam callers and jerks wasting my time not really wanting to book.

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I do screen everyone with the only exception being if it’s someone I know personally. I don’t accept references in lieu of screening. I ask you submit info through my website (auto deletes in 7 days). I consider references if screening yields no results.

Males under 30. I’ve decided not to see but might consider if you come correct. You will need to supply extra info and a deposit is required which will be put towards your donation.

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If I cancel it will immediately be refunded.

If you’re the type to want last minute appointments I suggest prescreening.

The more accurate and detailed the info, the faster and easier screening is. Incomplete forms will not be considered and thrown out.

Please don’t send fake info, you won’t trick me, you won’t pass screening and you wasted my time. I’ve never given a date to anyone that’s tried to trick me.

I ask you visit my website to find details. I suggest reading and

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My time is valuable as is yours. Please don’t ask questions that are easily answered by visiting my website.

To set an appointment and contacting me: I prefer you send screening info first and follow up with a text. I can start on it while we figure things out.

Please always identify yourself when texting me. NO CALLS!

Joining my website gets you access to member only photos.

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