clients, gents, guys, newbs, hobbyists.... do you ever ask yourself
"What am i doing wrong? What's the right way?"

We are human, we demand respect, we like to be treated like the beautiful women we are. your approach is everything. We aren't hanging out bored with nothing to do, Just because we may not have a client at that moment doesn't mean we aren't busy, we are. It takes a lot of time to keep up with emails, texts, calls, and we also spend a great deal of time...

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posting current, daily ads, 3x a day, plus getting ready and spending time w/clients, nevermind real life stuff like eating and doing laundry and paying bills, then checking in and out of hotels, booking rooms, keeping our schedules up to date and confirming those appointments.

Forget about spending time with friends having fun, I don't have time for that, i'm busy hustling to make ends meet. I don't wanna chit chat with you, it's my time and I have other things I need to be doing.

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So when you contact a lady remember she's busy and her time is valuable. We appreciate clients that know and respect this, keep it short and sweet and to the point.

Your first contact should have a greeting, identify yourself, mention where you found her info, when you want to book, where to find details to meet her, salutations, and wait for reply.

It should go something like this:

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"hi, I'm Jake Smith. I saw your ad on switter. I'd like to meet you tomorrow, where can i find your details for booking a date with you? Thanks for your time and consideration, I hope to hear from you soon. You may reach me at this number or my email."

Make sure you mention if it's ok to reach you at that number or if email is better, after a certain amount of time passes, as a rule us ladies follow, it's not ok to reply after an hour or 2, always reach out again if you haven't mentioned...

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when it's ok to reach you. We get flooded with calls but very few pan out, it's tough to keep track of every detail before we actually meet.

Do NOT send a text saying "hi", "wyd?", "available?", or my favorite "how much for some head?" and whatever you do, NEVER SEND A DICK PIC!!! automatic block, you will never get a date with a reputable provider or escort. It's rude, inappropriate, we DO NOT want to see it, and most of all, it's disrespectful AF. We don't care how big you think your dick is

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we don't have sex for money, we don't provide sexual services for money. Keep it in your pants!
serious clients will submit screening without fuss and yourchances of meting double instantly, triple if you follow directions from the start and i don't need to ask you. reputable providerss have no need to blackmail, we'd rather have you as a client and most clients aren't worth blackmailing because they lack the funds to make it worth while so just stop with that thinking, unless you're uber rich,

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you have no need to worry. know what a reputable provider means, ask if you don't know.

Now that you've initiated a dialog, what happens when you meet the first time?

Always put your donation down first thing. Don't make her ask for it, you're asking her to incriminate herself by doing so. If you haven't given her a gift, her motivation will likely be lacking. I get paid for my time and the clock starts the moment you walk in the door, whether or not you gave your gifts. Gifts make me happy.

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and when i'm happy we both have a lot more fun.

The moment you mention anything about rates, services, expectations, haggle, negotiate, etc, date over. You can leave NOW. major no no. LE does everything they can to get us to incriminate ourselves so if you are asking these types of questions or keep bringing up these topics, you make us very uneasy and you can leave. If you want to see a lady again, never bring these things up and don't ask her personal questions. it's none of your business.

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. how about you tell us about you? how's your wife? how's your kids? Our personal lives are just as private as yours so unless you plan on telling us yours first, don't ask.

LE are permitted to recieve services from a lady and afterwards can give her a set a matching silver bracelettes, never put her in a position to incriminate herself. Touching and getting naked doesn't ever mean for a second you have nothing to worry about, we still are worried until you leave.

thanks! be safe and have fun!

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