**remember heaux code ladies!**

Never share with a client if you find them on a blacklist, politely decline the date.

Do Not publicly discuss the aspects of screening, screening tools and sites used and provider only sites.

LE and bad clients are using the info to trick us and slip through. LE is using it to bust us and clients!

We also don’t want men getting access to this privy info.

only share details in pm's, forums are never secure....

if you need resources...

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to blacklists, provider sites, techniques, please email me.

If you are not managed, pimped, have a booker, or manager and you handle biz yourself and can verify you're legit, I will share and inform you of an all female forum. I don't share resources with unverifiable newbs, sorry.

I recommend all ladies download this app. it’s called “SafeDate” and basically it’s emergency contact for when you’re doing out calls.

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you set your date or appointment time in the app and if you don’t respond with your pin code by a certain time it sends out an alert to the people that you choose that would know what to do since you didn’t check in and something possibly happen to you. You add the info of client appt and it sends that info in the alert.

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And if a provider gives you an honest reference on a client, never ever tell the client what she said. Especially if she warned you about him.!!! Bad clients retaliate in all sorts of ways and I’ve been victim to client retaliation because another provider told him what I said and refused to see him. 9+ months later he’s still at it.

Just decline the date politely saying you don’t think you’re a good match or be indefinitely busy. Never throw another lady under the bus for giving you info...

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@LettuceMeat hey I’m interested. p228533

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