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Ever wonder where our money goes or how much this runs us to work?
$4000 hotel fees
800 advertising
400 toiletries
400 personal up keep
400 travel expenses
600 eating out
100 phone& WiFi
$35 pobox
40 screening services
Overhead grand total=$6775 per month.

Factor these in too:
Legal fees
Car repairs
Student loans
Medical bills

tip the maid! Per day:
2 star $5
3 star $10
4 star $15
5 star $20


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any day, any time

to anywhere in

In most of the time. usually in

With a flexible schedule, I’m open to suggestion and booking near you by request. I visit often and less often but open to new places.

I stopped posting my number because of spam callers and jerks wasting my time not really wanting to book.

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clients, gents, guys, newbs, hobbyists.... do you ever ask yourself
"What am i doing wrong? What's the right way?"

We are human, we demand respect, we like to be treated like the beautiful women we are. your approach is everything. We aren't hanging out bored with nothing to do, Just because we may not have a client at that moment doesn't mean we aren't busy, we are. It takes a lot of time to keep up with emails, texts, calls, and we also spend a great deal of time...

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**remember heaux code ladies!**

Never share with a client if you find them on a blacklist, politely decline the date.

Do Not publicly discuss the aspects of screening, screening tools and sites used and provider only sites.

LE and bad clients are using the info to trick us and slip through. LE is using it to bust us and clients!

We also don’t want men getting access to this privy info.

only share details in pm's, forums are never secure....

if you need resources...

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I am available now in Orange County, California, United States! To contact me, visit

I am available now in Orange County, California, United States! To contact me, visit

Visit my website for more details and submit a booking request for all appointments

I am available now in Orange County, California, United States! To contact me, visit

To my quarantined lady friends in SoCal, I’m a licensed cosmetologist & mobile!

Broke a nail? I can fix it! I do acrylics and some neat nail art!

Need your roots done? I got you! High lift tints and weaves are no problem.

Need a trim? I got you covered!

Come to me in Tustin or I can travel to you.

Please share and spread the word!

Email me

*attention* anyone that knows ShanaLay McCrachren, I’m trying to reach her. If you know her whereabouts & can reach her, please pass this along, also if you’ve seen or talked to her in the last year, please let me know, any info is appreciated.

Pretty much no current updates, tweets, toots, posts, etc for the last year, she’s vanished & I’m concerned. I no longer have a working # for her, we often stayed together but I had my head up my ass after my brother & dad died. I’d like to know she’s ok

My bday is Tuesday. This is gonna suck. Send spankings and gifts to make up being quarentined and isolated on my special day :)

She always called me, we always kept in touch but I was a jerk and grieving and lost touch. I’ve messaged her on various platforms and nada. Mostly I wanna know nothing bad happened... thanks.

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