Cigar on my front porch after the children are in bed.

Everything about has been perfect so far. I can’t believe it’s only Day 2. I 💜 this community.

One more meeting before I catch this flight to Vegas for . I’m excited to see my friends. It’s been too long.

Happy Sunday. It’s a new week, friends. Let’s make the best of it.

Had a fantastic meeting with a few club executives here in Atlanta last night. I love their heart for their staff and dancers. I love that they see their club as a family. One house mom was almost in tears as she recounted the number of times the club has had her back over the past 25 years.

Please be safe and look after each other. I have a friend that got caught up with a “manager.” I’m trying to be diplomatic with him though everything in me wants to go automatic if you catch my drift, but she’s her own person and chose him.

Getting ready to head down to Cuba for my anniversary. One day, I’m going to be wealthy enough to fly down for Christmas and hand out $100 bills to every sex worker I encounter.

About to lose myself in Harry Potter for the rest of the night. Good night, Switter. Be kind to yourselves tonight.

Good morning, Switter. Starting my day with my mind already at work. Trying to be present is really tough. What exercises work for you in learning to stay in the moment?

This is such good wisdom right here. I have a dancer friend that’s been in a relationship like the one described here for at least four years. Dude has no plans on wifying her or taking care of her.

I can think of only a few better or equal ways of spending New Year’s Day than enjoying a fine cigar while listening to Cuban music.

Happy New Year, All. May all your deepest desires be met this year.

Vodka-Sprite & Stephen Marley Pandora.

Happy New Year, Switter.

From Twitter:

“Before Mr Nelson Mandela left prison he said, ‘As I stand before the door of my freedom, I realise that if I do not leave my pain, anger & bitterness, I will still be in prison.’ Self imprisonment is worse than that imposed. Forgiveness does not make you weak, it sets you free.”

What pain, anger and bitterness do you need to leave in 2018? Which ones are too hard for you to leave on your own? Who can you trust to help you leave these things behind?

Just got off the phone with a provider friend that’s been going through it for a long time. The drugs are no longer masking the shame & guilt. She’s completely exhausted. I wanted to cut her off when she started “the story” again about how she ended up in this spot when I remembered all the shit I’m still struggling to overcome in my own life. Everyone isn’t strong. Everyone can’t just “get it together.” Have grace & be present w/ those going through it. Hold then as tightly as they’ll let you.

Switter, like other social media platforms, is a mixed bag for sex workers. Many use it solely to promote their brands. These folks are only interested in new clients. Others use this platform to connect and build relationships with others within the industry. Some use it for both purposes. No matter how you use it, we should all be gracious & respectful. Let’s not dump on others whose purposes don’t match your own.

@BrienneHarris 😔 So what do you do if it’s not a bot? What if she wants a toot war with you?

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