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Fighting with my general contractor about how long it’s taking her to complete the work on our house. This is with a thorough contract that we went over in detail before the job began. Even with contracts, agreements can be messy.

Good morning. The last Friday of 2018. How will your first Friday in 2019 be different?

My friend’s husband died from a massive heart attack. His wake is today. From what should be the most joyous day of the year to what is one of the most tragic in her life. This is a reminder to hold your loved ones close and do what you can to be there for your friends.

This is the first family dinner that I hear my relatives laugh about the number of Medicaid calls they receive. I’m getting old.

Merry Christmas, all! I pray it is filled with magic and cheer. If it isn’t or can’t be, my heart goes out to you.

*getting ready for midnight mass*

Sister: *drunkenly asks* Wait you’re Catholic?

Me: Yeah. I converted like 15 years ago.

Sister: I thought you were like protes... pros... prostitute?

Me: Yeah... I think you meant Protestant but sure let’s go with prostitute. 😂😂

The holidays are always a tough time, for all sorts of reasons. I used to be surrounded by family that didn't accept me fully or even a little bit. I realize how difficult that is. I'm always here for you. You can always message me. No judgments. ❤️ ❤️

Does anybody else’s kids wake them up at Hod awful times on Christmas Eve just to remind you that Christmas is tomorrow?

I love our house moms! They make all our holidays fun and festive!

Another day comes to a close. I exchanged gifts with my favorite house mom today. I truly loves the way she cares for me. I know I’m loved.

Who makes you feel loved?

My heart is towards those who have lost loved ones to violence this year.

For those sex workers in , we would love for you to join us on Monday for . Let us celebrate the lives of the fallen.

Good morning! I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Even though we can’t put up a real tree this year doesn’t mean our house can’t smell like!

I just added a new practice to my routine. I took a shower a visualized all the failure, disappointments, stresses and shame running down my body and down the drain. I’m going to bed with a clean body and soul. Give it a try. Let me know how it works for you.


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