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I'm convinced bad karma comes to me in the form of extremely overly horny men

⛔🙅 Ladies please beware of the # 929-396-9124 this client is allegedly named Jerry Filipino short 4 ft 10in and books and never intends to pay for his sessions! ⛔ He gives you a fake ID, debit card and broke phone and says he will come back dont fall for it. Do not book! This behavior is never okay. 🙅 PLEASE BOOST THIS !!!!

Delta makes you pay $200 per flight change both going and coming! ouch!!

My family better happy to see me next weekend.

Ahhh the things I do to make time for family.

@LasVegascupcake Never ceases to amaze me all the idiots you ladies have to put up with.

And then there are those dates that keep ringing in my head ❤❤❤

@LasVegascupcake yep! I agree: these are pretty lame, sad excuses for introductions...the spoil one is especially disappointing...geez

@Mariesgfe I’m trying to come the 17th-31st! I sent in my email but haven’t heard back. How long did it take for you?

@LasVegascupcake Happy Birthday! Looking forward to celebrating with you next week! You are a class act and a beautiful woman!

@LasVegascupcake it’s like we both always say, the more requests/bullshit they have the worse they’ll be. I prefer spending my quality time with gentlemen who deserve my all🤗💕

Happy Birthday 🎂🎁 Ally wishing you many more great years to come ♥️ @LasVegascupcake

32 today and completely thankful for my life! I'm in good health , my son and family are good health and we have more than we need.

Living a good life that's for sure.
Feeling great and thankful for it.

Big thank you to everyone sending birthday love today and to those who sent giftcards! Wow! Too spoiled. Very grateful.

@LasVegascupcake Wish there was a way to give you 10 STARS!! You are such an incredible person inside and out!!

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