▫️Back out on the Highway ▫️

, these are my final hours..... And i'm super in the mood to finish my time here with a bang.🛣️🏞️🚬♾🌋🛣️🏞️🌜

, see u in the morning.♠️💜

✨✨Genuine fuckin' ✨✨
I care about you deeply, its my nature. I'm selective though, my clients care about me too.

🚬💜☠️ freak☠️💜🚬

New York City & New Orleans


Feel better babe!! but your friend text was LMAO!! :)

Real text from me in response to someone who wants an incall today with no name or verification sent :

My text: Right now it's my Sunday and it's not going to get looked into today that's why we prebrook. I like to keep track of everything that's why we email.

Key words : Prebook, Email

Oh you didn't know that?? What's that you dont have basic courtesies?
You don't introduce yourself when you meet someone?

If I dont have your name or verification then the opportunity isn't even available for you to meet me yet.

So let's start there before you try to text me :

"YOU Avail now?"

If I was available I'm not meeting you !

@LasVegascupcake It was a privilege to treat you to a night out, and the gift of your time and company was greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to the next time!

@LasVegascupcake Seriously rocking each of these outfits. So beautiful!!

@LasVegascupcake When I first saw your handle, I thought it was "LasVegancupcake" :) Vegan is tasty, too. 😋

@jazzhands Thank you so much for an amazing night 🤓❤🥰 Great food. Great fun!

@LasVegascupcake I saw this in the theatre in 3D. Amazing work that they did with the footage!

@LasVegascupcake You are so much more... But yes you are well educated, great mother, talented decorator and you on top will bring a smile to anyone’s face!! Miss you... Hope you are having a great weekend!

I am available now in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States! To contact me, visit tryst.link/escort/marie-sincla

Contact: 702-687-3050

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