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Play time = pay time
A guide for my new/potential play mates

I’m flexible in more ways than 1😈

Cash is king
But cash app or running a card through square is great - deposits right into my hungry lil bank account within 1 business day

Or Amazon gift cards in the appropriate amt - a lady like me likes grocery delivery too

Or Visa/MC gift cards in the desired play denominations... spends just the same

Do what works for you & we can move on to more enjoyable things😉

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Every provider wants one

S uper
A wesome
C lient

How can you become a SAC?

- Read the ad/profile/website
- Find SWer that meets your desires AND budget
- Contact via preferred method
- Provide screening w/o a fuss
- Schedule more than 2hrs out
- Show up fresh of body & mouth
- Enjoy your pleasures & express appreciation
- Repeat

Being a SAC leads to a condition we call

T ake
Y our
P ants
O ff

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Some have asked about gifting - cash for my spice rub business, or just nice treats for myself. It’s never expected, always appreciated and leaves me a bit verklempt at the thoughtful kindness.

So for those that asked, I do have an Amazon wish list, with everything from the mundane to the crazy.

And of course I have that handy cash app, $VConsulting

Even better is when you can see me in person and we can appreciate each other at our leisure😘

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A little breaking the ice conversation
Shared laughter
Long kisses
Skin that heats with anticipation
Passionate and playful encounters
Come find me

Text or email to screen/book

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Make my last year a pleasure to remember and I’ll be happy to return the favor. Send me off with a bang💥 because by November 2019 you’ll just have my toots and pics to look at😘

How many of you can I fit in my schedule? Let’s find out 310-596-1858

Good morning loves and lovelies 🥰
Have a great day 😘😘

@LalalandVanessa @veryboredatwork He's gotta be, wearing the Mandalorian armor where ever he goes around here in Switter.😁😀😁😀😂

@LalalandVanessa Is amazing how good the food you cook and you stay in shape all throughout.😍😍😍

@LalalandVanessa well, if anyone knows how to get me hot and bothered...👀😏

On a serious note

If you’ve the opportunity pls purchase Lucky Dogg wine

My friend, who both owner & winemaker had a stroke. He hasn’t woken up, and it’s not known if he ever will.

He has 2 kids, an ex & a host of people who are pulling for him. Boutique wineries don’t make a ton of $$, it’s a labor of love & an expression of art on the most basic of levels. I hope he recovers but if he doesn’t this may be one of the last chances you’ll have to experience the soul of this amazing person

@LalalandVanessa same here. I didn't take a pic of my chicken. But this is some salmon I caught and smoked last weekend

@LalalandVanessa Oh that looks so good! I would take one bite and melt all over.

You are a dream, my love

GameDay tomorrow! I plan on watching soo many football games.

If you wanna spoil me for my upcoming birthday - which is Sunday - feel free to look around my wishlist, buy a video or two for yourself (which is a gift to me as wellll) or just do what my grandmother does and send me $50. 🎉 ❤️ 🍰 🎉 🍰 ❤️

Gonna relax with some ABP and this sweet pup of mine. Night! 😘

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