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November is right around the corner...

It means my soft retirement is looming

That means no new gentlemen to add to my pleasure pool

December and beyond I’ll only be entertaining those I’ve seen and loved before or have outstanding commitments to.

Catch me while you have the chance my sweets

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Play time = pay time
A guide for my new/potential play mates

I’m flexible in more ways than 1😈

Cash is king
But cash app or running a card through square is great - deposits right into my hungry lil bank account within 1 business day

Or Amazon gift cards in the appropriate amt - a lady like me likes grocery delivery too

Or Visa/MC gift cards in the desired play denominations... spends just the same

Do what works for you & we can move on to more enjoyable things😉

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Every provider wants one

S uper
A wesome
C lient

How can you become a SAC?

- Read the ad/profile/website
- Find SWer that meets your desires AND budget
- Contact via preferred method
- Provide screening w/o a fuss
- Schedule more than 2hrs out
- Show up fresh of body & mouth
- Enjoy your pleasures & express appreciation
- Repeat

Being a SAC leads to a condition we call

T ake
Y our
P ants
O ff

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A little breaking the ice conversation
Shared laughter
Long kisses
Skin that heats with anticipation
Passionate and playful encounters
Come find me

Text or email to screen/book

@LalalandVanessa awkward or.........

No, you’re probably right- awkward 🤣

@LalalandVanessa 🤔🤔🤔

Strip tasting could be fun, but how far can you get before you get thrown out of the wine bar??

@veryboredatwork I do have one more tasting to do before finalizing my list. I wonder who might help me with that🧐

I like the idea of blind “strip” tasting - let’s get some skin in the game🤣

🌺 ρroνιderѕ 🌺

coммenт уoυr fανorιтe eмoʝι вeℓoω for α cнαnce тo ωιn α $20 e-gιfт cαrd 🤗💳

ι ωιℓℓ rαndoмℓу ριcк α nαмe тoмorroω nιgнт, ѕυndαу 11/10



уoυ ωon тнe eмoʝι rαffℓe!! 🎉

ℓeт мe кnoω ωнαт кιnd of gιfт cαrd уoυ ωoυℓd ℓιкe.


good мornιng, cнιcкαdeeѕ! 🐣💛

🎡 нαρρу мondαу!

ι'м ѕтυcк αт тнe docтor αℓℓ dαу ѕo exρecт ℓoтѕ of вooѕтѕ! 💥🚀

нoω ωαѕ уoυr ωeeкend?

тodαу ι coмρℓeтed му fιrѕт roυnd of cнeмo! 💪🏻💕


good мornιng, ѕωeeтнeαrтѕ 🍬💜

🌯🌮 нαρρу тυeѕdαу!

нανe α вeαυтιfυℓ dαу! 💐🌞

I'm available for outcalls in New York all week.
Let's make magic!
:licking_lips: :lingerie:

Prebook for best availability. Please read my profile:

Screening is mandatory 😍

Location: New York, New York

I am available now in New York, New York, United States! To contact me, visit

PSA to the gents: Read a provider's FULL PROFILE or AD. Read what they say in your communications with them. Take what they say at face value.

When a provider says she is a SAFE provider that's exactly what she means. We're not being coy, we're not speaking in code and we're certainly not going to be charmed or bullied into changing our policies. If you don't like it, book with someone else. 🎺

I am available now in New York, New York, United States! To contact me, visit

Submission does not make you a weak man.

Giving up everything to me - quite the opposite actually.

Don't be afraid. I know you are curious.

I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink i swear...

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