Available locally in for ... am 420+ friendly/provider....

I’m just really wanting to get back into working. I haven’t for a while as I’ve been distracted. Lol.

Email: lady_leila@protonmail.com
Txt: (916) 800-4RUB (4782)
Do not call; I have bad hearing and I want to refrain from having to say “huh?” A hundred times on the phone. Lol.

I need a ...
It’s been a really bad few weeks. Bad phone calls on top of bad news almost everyday lately.
How do the rest of you in handle bad news, death, and stress??
I also wish someone would pack and move for me. Lol.

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My job is to break my pet in and rebuild them how I see fit.

I wanna play with a new pet- it’s less than 2 weeks til my bday!!

Discord: LeilaStone#1992

Want to pleasure yourself with me as I blow smoke in your face and use you for my ?

Watch me and play with me this weekend!

Twitter/kik: miss_leilafyre

Does anyone do in anymore?

I am available for dates this week if you would like to have an interview with a Vampire.

and area.

Everyone should spend an evening entertaining a vampire.

I'm different than the average woman, I'm a Findomme. I enjoy intelligence, art, and spending other peoples money. Take me out for an enjoyable night, or bring me in for a bdsm session.

I'm Verified.

No Penetration sex. M/F/Couple friendly.
My Husband CAN be involved if you choose.

Location: Houston, TX
Contact: Lady_Leila@protonmail.com

I need new fangs because these are lost!

Everyone should spend an evening entertaining a vampire. I'm a little different than your average woman, I'm a Findomme. I enjoy intelligence and spending other peoples money... I enjoy going out to nice places but I fit in pretty much anywhere when I feel like it.

Its pretty easy to get in touch with me, I have Kik, Discord, telegram and of course email.

Need to figure out this thing. Interesting.