Note to self for when I do a bathtub + flowers photo shoot.

It's been hard not to share the photoshoot I did for my new name! I shot the photos in March but knew I wanted to use them for my new site. Stoked I can finally share!!!

Announcing my new brand, Flora Sparks! Fresh new site with distance options in my bio!

My question for you is, what sets your heart on fire?

Wings and headdress made mostly of coffee filters. My goal is to IDC what I have whenever I want to make a quarantine costume!!

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I made one of the cute online avatars, then I made an IRL costume for a remote shoot with !!

Taking a break from my phone today, I messed up my right wrist (cycling, gardening, yoga, phone holding combo) and need to rest it! Cya tomorrow with some super cute pics from my shoot w last week!!

Do robes count as “wearing pajamas all day” if you sleep in the nude?

Almost entirely made of coffee filters and glue 😹😹😹

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Just spent the day crafting a costume for a remote shoot with tomorrow!!! I am so bad at holding onto secrets, but I am keeping my lips zipped on what we are up to !

Photo from a remote shoot with !!!!! Hit them up to do one, what a fun experience and I love the results.

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Perfect weather for celebrating 4/20 while meticulously custom mixing soil mix for a bunch of house plants!

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It was stunning in my yard today. I love the foliage on this tree so much!!!

Spent a lot of time outside getting slightly sunburnt and ate one of my mini matcha cheesecakes!!

What cute things did you get up to today???

Just spent the entire day making super aesthetic mini cheesecakes with my roomate and taking videos of flowers blowing in the wind!!!!

Day 4 of and the theme is ugly! I did a shoot earlier where I wore a mask so my makeup was for that. I did a little extra to mess it up.

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