Now England vs Ireland. Rugby single-handedly helping to make this lockdown easier.

Close game of rugby between England and France this afternoon. Edge of your seat stuff!

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Morning all! It is Friday, who is excited?! 🙌🙌

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I have a new blog post for you to enjoy folks and you can find it here! Much of LAW goodness for me to share with you 👉

Me waiting for the result of the US Presidential election 👇

Hello all. Hope you are not feeling too sad if you are UK and doing lockdown mark 2. Fingers crossed it won’t be for long. I need to get back to this 👇

My final session pre-lockdown! The cane will always be my favourite!

I am receiving session requests. Please note I am not available until government guidelines adjust. Keep safe, keep well and I shall still be online at my members pages and store so you May have your lockdown virtual LAW fix xxx

Current settings: watching Dallas. Who shot JR? My money is currently on Kristen. Just tried to divert blame to Sue Ellen.

Hello folks! Not sure I have much positive to say but this really did make me laugh....

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