Providers- Due to the unknown future of certain sites that many of us once used, beware of guys pretending to be people they aren’t... It wouldn’t even surprise me if LE starts using handles/names of well-known & respected members of this community to target sex-workers in stings.

Clients- Please be understanding if providers might need more information to verify who you are at this time of uncertainty, & please don’t try to haggle our rates... Some might actually need to raise them.

Be safe.❤️

@Kori For sure! I have had that happen to me before.....but now I notify my refs to expect a ref request.....I told my refs if they do not hear from me then it is not me...I am dogwalker everywhere and try to register that.

@Kori Thanks for posting this. Couldn't agree more. It's a sad time for us.

@Kori yes clients, don't haggle please! We hate lowballers!

@Kori with all the craziness going on. I'd prefer it if my potential date has my screening information so that she can feel safe about who's coming to see her and have her worrying more about what outfit I would love to see her in, than worrying about that I might be LE... Better safe than sorry 🙏🏾


Be sure to verify ownership of both the new and old accounts.

I am happy to verify my reputation.
But I will not give up my ID or work info. I realize this will limit some of my options, and I'm ok with that.

Yes! This is a hurdle I am currently facing literally almost every single day. If you are an established client and reach out using new contact info - please be patient and expect to verify that you are who to say you are. This does not require the same screening method of a new client. I have a dozen ways that I can verify that you are, in fact, the established client you present yourself as. Most of them are very quick. Safety first.

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