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Don't be confused. This is not me, I have been Kitty Lamour for 10 yrs. Recently realized this escort in my same city was trying to capitalize on my name. Not sure the reason why, but if they want to be me they shouldn't mind getting called out on it publicly.
Fakes are never in fashion.

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Dallas Swithearts,
I am available all day for your pleasure. I'm sexy, intelligent, elegant, and talented at making you happy. They don't call me freakdoll for nothing. So if you've been craving just what I offer... I've got some great specials like $$ hr or $$$ for 2 hrs. Just give me a call. (318)404-8691

Views from a POV shoot fir a client a little while ago.
Yes that’s my cock, but at least you get to see a beautiful ass.
What a fun time. 🙌

Lets get together for some mutual pleasure...private residence incall w/all the amenities for your comfort. Top of the line service, skills, looks and attitude. Call me! 318-404-8691 I'm up all night to get down. xoxo

The Best A$$ in Dallas
Hello it's Kitty here to tempt you into some wholesome debauchery... The Original Freakdoll. Up all night to get down. Call me now... (318)404-8691

@KittyLamour You're welcome! 😘 Have a great rest of your week beautiful!💋

@PrettyKendraJade I very much appreciate the support of you beautiful ladies, thanks for the boost!

@GrandRapidsCMT Thank you for the boost! Have an awesome night and new day tomorrow...xoxo

One will complain about a directly sent message. We’re talking about a message of encouragement sent directly to you and you’re complaining. It’s baffling to show someone the utmost of respect but be treated like I’ve broken a sacred rule. Ones attitude will ultimately be what decent ppl judge them on. Not sure why some have become so harden but I wish only to soften and introduce everyone to a level of peace worth spreading. ✌🏾

@nyah Wow! You are the bomb! Thanks for the love gorgeous! xoxo have a prosperous rest of the week!

Guys- Don't rush us by showing up early for your session, or demanding to see us "right now" that's not nice. We don't stay dolled up and sexy 24/7. We have lives, pets, kids, etc. outside the hobby. If you rush me it makes me very uncomfortable because I am fastidious about my appearance and the cleanliness of my home. I don't like feeling like I have to compromise on this by being rushed. I ask for at least an hour advance notification. For an optimum session experience... respect me.

I have a cute little kitten that needs a home. I found her under the ice machine at a gas station in the middle of Dallas. I already have a cat though and really can't keep two... She's a super sweet lap cat free to a good home. 🐈

You wanna pet my pussy
Everybody says it's nice
You wanna play with pussy all the time.
To hide my little pussy is a crime
There's not another pussy that's as pretty as mine
We can get together around dinnertime
She turns into a tiger when she's ready to eat
My pussy is always hungry for a big chunk of meat
I bring my pussy everywhere I go
To watch my little pussy is a show
My pussy is the hippest thing around
Shes always been the talk
of the town
Meow baby

318 404 8691

recently, more and more clients have been asking 'are you a cop?'
1) i am most definitely not a cop
2) if i was a cop, which I to reiterate am not, i wouldn't say yes
in short: please stop asking if i'm a cop

Guys: Do you still appreciate class and refined manners? Seems like more and more the trend is just to put it all out there with no taste... I never found greed and vanity to be attractive qualities or exploiting of a low class nature... am I too old fashioned?

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