has been stalking me for two years and I have continued the conversation to keep an eye on their level of crazy and also in hopes of helping them maybe. While I've been in New Orleans @Lysistrata has stayed in my apartment along with @khaleel . They were unaware of my history with @Midtownjunkiez and he came to my apartment and from that point forward it has gotten really scary the things that this person has been texting me.
Everything they are posting here is a lie

My phone fell off my bike and i need to go replace the phone .....

Any asap paypal donations would be appreciated.


Settle this debate for me: how do you pronounce ‘Catan’ from Settlers of Catan?

Going to be doing a lot of staying at home... Tell me what your favorite audiobooks are fam!

Tbh I was a bit disappointed in this book... Atwood’s other novels/collections are so haunting and stunning. Maybe because this one revolves around a home wrecker it came across as shallow or outdated? Anyone else read this and have thoughts?

Who watched Cheer on Netflix? Never have I been more invested in something I honestly didn't think I cared about. The intensity, the emotional pull, and the personalities of everyone involved was majestic. Even though it wasn't an underdog story I was entranced <3

If Alice in Wonderland was a restaurant... thanks for the date to Son and Gardener!! Especially in times such as these, a small night out is so healing 🥰🥰🥰

I think it is from all the years in marketing, and editing violent porn. But I just do not feel the stress and anxiety everyone else seems to be externalizing from the internet.

Im getting way more stressed out by people telling me how stressed out they are.

Your health is your greatest resource and maintaining it has n... More for Libra bit.ly/wvRgyF

Little Ramblin' Lucy here ready to hit the road and run around Coronatown USA......

Or send out to Asia.

If you really want me to come reach out.....

And buy a fucking video.


💜☠️💜🌪️Ramblin' Lucy🌪️💜☠️💜

Kinky Queen of the Road is finally leaving & heading down the line.


I take care of the needs of body and spirit. Real deal .

Wash your hands then enjoy hand sanitizer & sexy times here in this pandemic with your fearless freak.....

Travel bans??....

Also the self quarantined can enjoy &

New Orleans

✈️ MIA ✈️

SORRY for being mia! Everyone needs a break now and then right !?

There’s nothing more I’d love than to meet you as my first one after this vacation! 😘

Come visit an who will turn your fantasies on & your stressors off! 😈

📍 &
11am to 11pm

Not ready to meet in person or want to admire me from afar? Find me on onlyfans! 😏

🔐 only fans

📧 email

💻 PD

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