In light of my recent experience being stalked / harassed / doxxed by a client, the 8days it took to get the doxx down &losing my old acct due to malicious reporting, I am determined to make sure no other member of our community ever feels as scared, hopeless, or w/o recourse as I did. I created a system to help SWers in need. Follow @SexWorkSolidarity for info!

I try really hard to make my visitors happy &to ensure that as a I am offering the best experience possible. I always want my new friends to leave feeling better about themselves than when they arrived. My favorite thing about being an is feeling like I genuinely made someone , we made a &created to look back on fondly for yrs to cum 😉

I 💕 receiving feedback from satisfied clients, in the form of or personal messages like these:

Did you know I'm on YouPorn ?

look me up if ur bored 😘💦💦

🦊🦊 Little Ramblin' Lucy 🦊🦊
💜💜💜back on the road💜💜💜

🍓First stop Texas🍓
get ready for me

Kinky dorky delight is delving in to fulfilling the fetishes of south Texas this weekend.

Also genuine for select sweet clientele. 🍆I love what I do🍆

🌷🗝Gypsy Goddess🗝🌷
🌹 Hippie Chick Dream. 🌹

Don't hesitate to tell me your
I don't judge

Mature Sensual is now offering 12 months FREE advertising packages for Mature Providers over 40. Mature Sensual also offers Featured & Basic Advertising plans as well.

/ And so we drink, and dance, and hunt, eternal, unending...
Always. /

A Visual Collaboration with
Photography: Me


the relatively healthy sleep cycle I've managed to construct for myself is held together by complex systems of nutrition, timers, specifically crafted environment, and other key habits. It can and does come tumbling down on occasion.

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true test of my new daily walking habit today: it's pissing it down

Sou'wester hat!!!! That's what I'm after!!! This poll is redundant

Yeah nah fuck it I don't need to do anything *every fucking day*. That's an unsustainable goal and will result in me beating myself up for not attaining it.

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Animal Crossing, villager giveaway 

I have a bunch of NFC cards with amiibo data on them. If you live in the UK I'm happy to post you a villager, totally free of charge. The cards aren't pretty, I've just written names on in permanent marker ha, but they do contain friends that you can invite to your campsite and convince to move to your island.

Villagers available are:
- Fang
- Celia
- Roscoe
- Lucky
- Julian
- Tiffany
- Sterling
- Whitney
- Fauna

Just tell me who you would like!

Hungry, ready and waiting 💋
I’m the treat you deserve...So let’s play 💥

-Flexible hours
-Available ASAP
*Screening is mandatory*


Review 💲pecial on:

Location: New York
Contact: (929) 322-3163 //

Hungry, ready and waiting 💋
I’m the treat you deserve...So let’s play 💥

-Flexible hours
-Available ASAP
*Screening is mandatory*


Review 💲pecial on:

Location: New York
Contact: (929) 322-3163 //

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