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Hobbyist? This is a word that always sounds odd to me. In my life I seek out great food, explore new experiences and enjoy life's simple pleasures. I'm a hedonist at heart. This includes any intimate company I share with others. I don't consider any of these a "hobby". They are passions, experiences, moments that enrich me. Human interaction to me is not a hobby and the word hobbyist objectifies both sides. So what's a better term? Enthusiast maybe? Not sure, but it's not hobbyist. 🤔

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Empty Nester Men are in their prime years.

Change my mind!

They are always the most polite, chill, and sensual. The best age is late 40s early 50s for a Man's sexuality.

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Things I love: •planners/prebookers
•amazing hygiene
•Extended dates
•natural chemistry

Things I dislike: •available this second?
•rude and demanding

Location: Las Vegas
Contact: p411-P213929

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Things I love: Proper introductions, well written emails, and my ultimate favorite... a planner😀

Things I dislike: Terrible grammar in emails,
explicit talk without having met, change of plans constantly or going ghost. My least favorite is a last second “planner”

It’s not like I’m the grammar police or some fantastic writer. I just take well written and detailed emails more serious.I enjoy meeting business professional and well put together gentlemen🤷🏻‍♀️Sue me lol

Which one are you?😉😋

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Which do you prefer? I like lights off and sometimes with candles always sets the mood. I’m def more of a romantic slow type!

Had a great afternoon seeing the lovely @LasVegascupcake 🤗
Thanks for being such a gem Ally!

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I wonder what I did to deserve such amazing and “loyal” people. I’ve been seeing some of the same people for years and this is the way I like it! I don’t burn bridges I only like to build relationships and long term friendships over the years. Thank you for adding to my life you guys! ❤️

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For those here in Vegas, you already know. For those visiting, just remember there’s probably a reason why that “Station” casino had vacancies when the strip was completely booked 😂

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First rule in finding a companion to book:

Never book someone that only complains about her past encounters or gossips about them negatively.Red flag 🚩

A New Year is upon us. It’s been an odd journey but still worth the price of admission for this ride. My best friend of 13 years passed, only a few would understand. I continued to ink my story, both on paper and skin. I also discovered a dear friendship in someone, one that was both unexpected but incredibly welcomed.

2019 took 365 days from me but in return gave me experiences beyond measure. I’m ending 2019 with a semicolon, this sentence in life has more to say.
Happy New Year!

Only a few days left until Christmas so I want to take a moment and wish some special people a very happy holiday. These 4 beautiful women in particular! 😍
❤️ @Sophia_Sweet
❤️ @lilalang
❤️ @LasVegascupcake
❤️ @Liliana

Cheers ladies 🥂

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I’ll turn down one hundred people to have one great encounter. ❤️❤️

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Spent my night in taking fireball 🔥 shots & having great convo with @Sophia_Sweet ❤️💕💕❤️💕🌺 I’m so attached to this amazing woman🥰 she is just a whole other level of relaxation & beauty vibe. Follow/book her! And if you love me book our first 2 girl please 😉

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I love that I get to see repeat friends😀 this is the way I like it. Always quality over quantity. Some people I have consistently stayed in touch with since I very began in this industry. A lot of travelers I only get to see once or twice a year but even then I am always happy to see y’all.

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Thankful for everyone I have met from Switter. Year #2 in Vegas coming to an end and I am living an amazing life that I truly don't think any other path could've compared to.
Love you all!
Please boost! I notice and appreciate it!

Location: Las Vegas, NV

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