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Is there anything better than a petite sexy female sitting on your face moaning and pulling your hair as she cums on your tongue and then kisses and lick her cum off of you? Don’t worry, I’ll wait...

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Drop 20$-40$dollars in my Venmo @tcjv420✨
And I’ll send you the link to my premium Snapchat where you’ll receive a lifetime access to my story & Private photos and videos 😜💦
If you don’t have Snapchat, text me to set up an apt in return (will come off of donation price) 💜
Or pick out anything from my wishlist
Hi. Check out this list:
OR we can always work something out to get you the pictures you crave, if neither of those work for you 🍑🌸

Really sad ECCIE has disappeared again. We really need a better system

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IF YOU WANT TO SEE ME YOU WILL VERIFY! If you have no girls it's a red flag and I require real world information. I dont want to meet in public, I dont want a dick pic.

I'm boutique, UTR and I will not waste my time arguing. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

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4 уeαrѕ αgo i нαd α ρiмρ.
i ωorкed тнe ѕтreeтѕ.
вαd тнingѕ нαρρened.
i нαтed тнiѕ тiмe of уeαr.
i didn’т νiѕiт му fαмilу.
i ωαѕ αlone in α мoтel.
i ωαѕ depressed.
i ωαѕ ѕυicidαl.


yoυ αre noт αlone.
soмeone cαres.
soмeone ωill Iiѕтen.

1 8 0 0 2 7 3 8 2 5 5 .


му dм iѕ αlωαуѕ
oρen αѕ well.



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Guys. I wish I didn't have to mention this. But I don't welcome crass or vulgar statements. I'm not a piece of meat. I'm a woman. And a damn good one. If you're incapable of seeing anything but a vagina I can assure you you'll never pass my verification so don't bother making vulgar comments on my posts. Just because I choose this profession for now doesn't give you or anyone else the right to demean or degrade me!

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Anyone else have issues with video on the app? What am I doing wrong and how can I get it to work?

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• Screening Required •

💋$250 Full Hour
❤️$175 Half Hour
💆‍♂️$125 Nude
👠Dinner & Extended dates available

Location: Overland Park, KS

Those moments waiting to meet a beautiful lady and crackling with anticipation... it’s both amazing and dreadful, the excitement never gets old.

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Yes. I self boosted.


I just want let the ladies of know there are gentlemen here that want nothing more than for you to succeed, have fun and be yourself. 👏

They are watching. 👀

Interact. Embrace. Have faith. Think more-good-than-bad.

Be yourself. <-------------- 👈

They are reaching out, embracing and making you feel like the woman you are.

Be yourself. <-------------- 👈

They are waiting.
They are making plans.
They are booking.



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Available for In AND Out call today!!

my private and discreet incall is located near the plaza/westport and I will outcall to KC metro area!!

book now while you can!

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Sexy fun bubbly personality long legs with green bedroom eyes here just for you.
Helping you relax away all your cares and stresses of a long week away.Lightly scented warming oil to soothe all your achy parts! Invite me over and see what these magic hands can do.
Vip discussed in person😜
Iight screening and selfie required. I offer out only.

Contact: 816-915-9173/

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