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CHICAGO-what is the best place to get burger and fries? I would love to learn of some new locations and make a list

Veggie,beef, turkey. All are accepted.

My babies.

Lord, I don’t talk to your much but all I’m asking is for you to keep my babies safe


Almost GO TIME. ⏳ |


I’m an optimistic so I want say any of my thoughts of the game tomorrow

This is about to be a fun weekend!

Going to dye my hair today for it!


A porn maker of sorts 👌🏾✨ Blueberry Hoecakes with Goat Cheese Basil + Honey


I need a workout group or something. This weight have to go!

Unless you live in a studio what kinda freak sleeps with their door open?


Random poll of the night: do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed?




Mean girls???

What a great Friday


Want to brighten a Recently released incarcerated day? Cashapp her a few $$$ at $meliscabass ! Just got home a day ago and we mailed her a smartphone with 90 days of service, clothes and a few other gifts.


My New Year resolution is to build more friendships sw or not

2020 was a lonely year for most but it was an introduction to me mending friendship, surrounding myself with ppl who respect me, and realizing some friendship ran their course

So now I want to continue that!

Say hi!

“Send baby animal photos”

She basically called out half of sw Twitter


Some good vibes would be nice.


Listen, it’s hard to keep any stance with you are shaking the whole time.

This is such a short video and doesn’t show the hour of pep talk just to get the gun in my hands lol

RT Girl ya stance 😬 who’s teaching you smh


What it will sound like if you take me to a shooting range.

It’s me screaming after every shot

Ps: I popped my gun cherry. It was terrifying but fun

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