Just saw this on a website:
73 days before SESTA closes sites like this & 100s of dating, porn, sex work sites & apps-unless YOU fight them.
DOJ, EFF, ACLU against it. Price in 1st 10 days: 13 missing. 2 killed. 1 suicide. Free sex workers need you. Free Internet needs you. Your rights are taken:

@KatieBR That is not entirely true at all. The U.S does not have jurisdiction in Australia. Please check your sources. Far too much drama & misinformation out there. Stay positive. We will get through this !

@misslovelace In Australia for what ?? Did I mention an Australian website ? Did I start drama ? I read those facts off a website... And I've been nothing but positive and as helpful as possible.
Kisses 💋💋💋

@KatieBR Not aimed at you doll !! I was talking about other websites posting misleading info off the backs of our plight. Sorry !!! We absolutely remain positive and helpful. xo Hugs from LosAngeles

@misslovelace not aimed at me but only me mentioned haha. There is a lot of fear mongering out there but I was just trying to educate and help. People can either scroll past it, or actually call and fight sesta. anyway, it's cool ❤️

@KatieBR I merely replied to your post. No harm intended whatsoever.

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