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I am in love with the kindness that fills this universe, not simply because of the kisses that never leave me, but because of phalanx of independence, of intelligence, of how gentle you are capable of being, of how enriched emotionally, too easy a word to use, to incomplete in what I mean to say, it is that, as John Keats said, beauty is truth, truth beauty, and that is all we need to know, and if that is all we know, how perfect this world would be. The rapture here defies definitions, it lives

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This was intended to be a tribute and thank you to the beautiful women that have populated my heart in the last year, a year of both recovery and discovery. It is not about sexual intimations, it is about the Niagra Falls of emotions that overwhelm and never seem to lose their translucence, as beauty is truth, and truth beauty. It has restored a sense of the poetic that once owned me, and for that I am forever indebted.

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:two_female_symbols: 💃 💃 💃 🦋 🦋 🦋

This is a beautiful video! Ajeet Kaur is a Kundalini Shakti angel! ❤️ 🌠


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@Haylee69 @sammybanks21
This isn't Humaniplex. Bare back services are dangerous and they spread disease, and children can see this site.
Here is the new Code of Conduct for Switter. In short:
- No reviews
- No affiliate links
- No posting on behalf of any other party without consent.
- No explicit language or acronyms to refer to specific sexual services within listings assemblyfour.com/switter/code_

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101 part2

If you are a newbie, be prepared to share your personal info for alternative screening. Not all ladies are so be sure to read her policies on newbies. We screen for our safety. We don’t use your personal info against you. We are professionals and our reputation is more important than blackmail. We don’t care who you are, not to sound rude. We only care that you are a safe client.

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Every lady is different.
Read her ad and website to familiarize yourself with her current location, donation and her preferred method of contact

When calling/text/email

Hello I’m (your name, age, race, occupation & phone number/email)
I found your ad on (xxx site)
I’d like to meet you (date, time & length of apt)
My references are (public contact info/link to website)

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Frisky Friday! Outcalls anywhere around the bay and Same donation as in-call!!! Call now!
Muah! 💋 Kisses and so much more to come....
Sophie S wann

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Hi Gents!

Tall Curvy Brunette Beauty available in San Diego

5’9 – Tall, Long Legs
All Natural 36D
Full Figured – Coke Bottle Curves
Long Dark Hair
Green Eyes

Contact: gina19@protonmail.com or 619-786-6252

Website: missgina19.wixsite.com/home

Screening is required!

P411 Id: P44582
TER Id: 160057

#619 #760 #858

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I knoooow someone in wants to play with my friend!!!
email me!
dayadrenches@gmail.com 😘😘

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