Okay, I quickly hacked together a way to search listings. It's very primitive but it's something.


This is subject to change! Please refer to switter.at/web/statuses/998157 to see how to make a toot that appears on the list.

Please boost and share.

I'm hearing about more assaults and SWers going missing. Ladies please be careful. I know things are super rough right now, but screening is crazy important. If you cannot verify with verifiable references and/or P411, PLEASE require a work verification or something. There are a lot of dangerous scumbags out there looking to take advantage of this situation. I have a bunch of references and even I'm willing to undergo a work verification during this time. Legit clients will understand.

Switter numbers two weeks in:

* 28,000+ users (2,000 a day)
* 175,000+ statuses (12,000 a day)
* 244,000+ unique visitors
* 2.93 TB of traffic
* 54.5 million requests served

Listings 5 days in:

* 2,800+ listings
* 87,400+ searches, 20,000 searches in the last 24 hours

We're growing so quickly, it's amazing. Thank you all for your support!

Providers- Due to the unknown future of certain sites that many of us once used, beware of guys pretending to be people they aren’t... It wouldn’t even surprise me if LE starts using handles/names of well-known & respected members of this community to target sex-workers in stings.

Clients- Please be understanding if providers might need more information to verify who you are at this time of uncertainty, & please don’t try to haggle our rates... Some might actually need to raise them.

Be safe.❤️

Considering doing a today showcasing how we utilize social Media and other sites to build our brand. Also how to best showcase yourself to gain new clients :) Just trying to figure out the best time to do it, any suggestions?


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