I still have some slots that need to be filled?! Who wants to fill me up
I’m departing CT on the 11th & will be in on the 13-18
1 shoot in the area on the 11th

RT @theluciebee@twitter.com: If you think it's all just money hungry hookers who are just upset because they now can't make $$$ - fuck you.

Some workers have been victims of trafficking and abuse. Advertising online enabled them to stay out of the situations they've previously been in & work safely.

Let’s Like & RT everyone, we need to show support to make things work in our favor. Thanks everyone in advance 💗

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This is awesome sauce....👏👏👏
RT @BrightDesireCom@twitter.com "Yes Campaign" has been nominated / selected for the Toronto International Porn Festival, screening April 21.


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