I'm suddenly and happily available tonight for a lascivious rendezvous. I'll be in Ferndale, in various states of undress, with a bottle of red. Give me a couple of hours notice, and I'll be ready for you. Email inquiries only: junomoriah@safeoffice.com. NOTE: I screen (non-negotiable).

Newbie questions. What's the deal? Why do some providers refuse to give me any reference info for a client who has seen them in the past? One provider told me that she doesn't give references to other providers that she doesn't know personally. Others have just not replied to my reference requests, but they have legit websites and social media. So, they're real. Is it a safety thing for some?.

Last week was a wonderful mix of meeting new clients and entertaining a couple of favorites. I have a feeling that the new ones will quickly become favorites too! 😍 I had so much fun and I'm excited for this week's magic. I have 6/5 (evening), 6/7 (day), and 6/8 available to meet more of you. Thank you for enriching my life! I hope that I can do the same for you. 😘

My evening has opened up for a special gentleman. Come and share some wine and pillow talk with me. Tell me what you fantasize about. junomoriah@safeoffice.com. Please give at least 2 hour notice.

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It's always someone being degraded for $14 an hour, 40 hours a week, who claims they couldn't do this "degrading" work.
I feel the exact same way about their work.

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You bring the wine.
I'll bring the wine-colored lingerie.
You know what, on second thought, let me just bring the wine too...

Booking starting 4/29 in Metro Detroit.
Other Michigan area inquiries are welcome.
5/3-5/7 in Chicago.


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Excited to be part of this community, hoping to make new friends and new connections.

Feeling truly blessed by all of the inquiries! But, I will continue to turn anyone away who can't successfully complete a screening. Clients need to understand that we do this for a living, and we want to be able to keep doing it. Can't do that without screening. I will just focus my time and energy on the ones who I can trust, and forget the rest. I won't let other providers down by making clients think they can book us without screening.

I need to spend some $$$ soon for some professional photography and up this game! Looking at Empowered Beauty Boudoir. empoweredbeautyboudoir.com/

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I sound like a broken record, but that is ok.
If you refuse to screen PROPERLY, please GO AWAY.
Tired of the one line emails, the increase in self employed, the 3 am booty calls, the requests for 15 min apps,the ignorance is overwhelming. Waste someone else's time. Not interested. BP is gone, up your game or go away:-)

I'm ready for some fun this week. Let's end April and start May off right. Sensual, erotic cuddling is what I specialize in. I'm available for in-calls and out-calls in . . Peruse my website for more photos, as well as booking and screening info: junomoriah.propages.com/

I'm really excited for what this pink full moon and the aftermath will bring--transformation. May is going to be a month of abundance, joy, and pleasure. Connect with who you really are and express your authentic desires. That's what I'm doing.

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Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today. We're in the new moon phase, which is when I thrive the most. I'm feeling motivated and setting my intentions for the rest of the moon cycle: participating more in a SW-positive community, professional success, finding new advertising opportunities, thinking about how to pursue certification as a sexuality educator, and creating better community-based responses to sexual violence in Metro Detroit. Love all of you!!

I am officially never trying marijuana again. I'm kind of a novice. I had a little bit of a hard candy yesterday afternoon. I went from having ecstatic sex, to being ultra-fixated on an old-school episode of Care Bears, to having a panic attack. And I'm still recovering from the panic attack today. Those Care Bears tripped me out.
That is why I never do it. I'm pretty sensitive to all substances, which is why I don't really party.

Hey Switter. I’m a professional cuddler, casual companion, and foot model in Southeast Michigan. I provide both erotic and platonic pleasure. I also love my foot fetish clients, so don’t be afraid to request me specifically for my gorgeous feet. More photos and my screening/booking process on my website: junomoriah.propages.com/

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Location: Ferndale, MI, United States
Contact: JunoMoriah@safeoffice.com

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I’ve noticed a LOT of new advertising platforms. There are a lot of opportunistic people hoping to take advantage of those who have lots their main advertising venue. Do your research before committing.

What up, foot-lovers? These red fishnet sock-thingies are so cute!! Had to do a little photo shoot.

My morning feels. I love what I do. I love this job. I love this life.

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